Today, in a truly stunning decision, the Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates voted AGAINST giving one of their own members a new seat on the House Joint Rules Committee. For weeks now, Democrats have been screaming about wanting more representation various committees to push their liberal agenda. However, when the Republicans attempt to extend an olive branch in the name of bipartisanship, a true measure of the “Virginia Way,” the Democrats shove it back in their face.

The proposed rule was introduced by Republican Majority Leader Todd Gilbert of the 15th District, and per the House rules it was read to the members of both parties for five days in a row. Friday marked the sixth day of procedure of the amendment to the rule, the day it was set to be voted on. Though, the rule amendment failed after nearly every Democratic member voted against it.

Democrats in the General Assembly have continually voted down measures that will help the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Now, they are staring to include their own party in their attacks on a smooth-running legislature.

After the “blue wave” of 2017 in Virginia, Democrats thought they would claim clear political victories in measures of legislation and changing procedural rules in the House. On the contrary, the quibbling from the new liberal faction has shown they are not interested in progressing the laws of the commonwealth – only in opposing anything they can get their hands on.

At the start of 2018 Session of the General Assembly, Republican leaders from both chambers came out strongly against the divisive tone that newly-elected Governor Ralph Northam took in his address to the Joint Assembly. Things seemed to be heading back in the right direction, but after this decision by House Democrats it is clear Republicans are the only ones who care about bipartisanship.