Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Alex Lemieux is a Richmond-based editor with The Republican Standard.

SOTU Address: Trump Loves America, Democrats Hate Everything

Trump's SOTU address was filled with praise, while Democrats continue to fight a losing battle against themselves -- and proven results.
dawn adams

Whitbeck Rips Dawn Adams For Breaking Her Word, Double Dipping

RPV Chairman John Whitbeck demands Delegate Dawn Adams (D-68) choose -- either oversee federal grants or be a delegate, but end the conflict of interest.

Virginia Democrats Have A Love Affair With Taxes

Democrats love taxes. They will tax you for Netflix, they will tax you when you sleep, and again when you die. That is their General Assembly strategy.

Republicans Contend Work Requirements For Medicaid Recipients

Speaker Cox and his Republican majority contend that any Medicaid expansion for Governor Northam must include work requirements for recipients.

McCabe Steps Down From FBI Amid Turmoil With White House

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe resigned from the bureau on Monday following rising tension between the agency and the White House

Koch Brothers Announce $400 Million In Funding For Republicans

Koch brothers announce $400 million in funding for Republicans in congressional races to thwart a liberal-backed referendum on President Trump.

Virginia Elections Board Revamp By GOP After Contentious Voting Year

Following controversial elections in Frederickburg and Newport News, the State Board of Elections has been revamped by the Virgina House of Delegates.

Missing Anti-Trump Texts Found By DOJ, Mueller May Be Compromised

DOJ has found the missing anti-Trump texts sent between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. One lawmaker says this indicates Mueller's investigation is compromised.

Trump’s Immigration Comments Indicate Deal For DREAMers

President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that DREAMers may be eligible for citizenship after "10 to 12 years" and a new deal on immigration.

Parental Leave Policy In House of Delegates Revived By Speaker Cox

Speaker Cox offering the new parental leave policy for the House of Delegates allows working mothers to be exactly that - working mothers.