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Alex Lemieux is an assistant editor with The Republican Standard.

Google CEO Grilled By House Judiciary Committee Over Potential Political Biases

After dodging a previous congressional testimony, Google GEO Sundar Pichai appeared in front of Congress today to testify on a wide range of issues, including potential political biases on its platforms, privacy practices which have comes under vast criticism, and its plans to create a censored search application for China's authoritarian regime.

Conservative Justices Receive Backlash After Decision Not To Hear Planned Parenthood Case

"So what explains the Court’s refusal to do its job here?” Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said in his dissent. “I suspect it has something to do with the fact that some respondents in these cases are named ‘Planned Parenthood.’ That makes the Court’s decision particularly troubling, as the question presented has nothing to do with abortion.”

Like The Apollo Missions, Offshore Drilling Represents America’s Innovative And Exploratory Potential

Although offshore drilling may not be as landmark of an event as the Apollo spaceflights and subsequent Moon landings, just like Apollo, it will help humanity explore more of the planet hidden by oceans.

Trump Says White House Chief Of Staff John Kelly To Leave At End Of...

The 68-year-old four-star Marine Corps general has been widely expected to leave the White House over the past week, with many claiming that he and the President were no longer on speaking terms at the end of the week. Regardless, Chief of Staff John Kelly will remain as senior aide within the Trump Administration through the end of December.

Pentagon Challenges Russian Expansion In Rare Solidarity Commitment To Ukraine

Under the international Open Skies Treaty - of which the U.S., Ukraine, the Russian Federation, and 31 other nations are a part - the Pentagon is rumored to have flown an unarmed Air Force OC-135 observation plane near Crimea, the Ukrainian region seized by Russia in a 2014 invasion.

Trump Nominates Bush-Era AG William Barr For Attorney General, Former Fox News Analyst Heather...

Questions are sure to come up in Senate confirmation hearing about how the former attorney general under George H. W. Bush will handle Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election, and about acting-Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Heather Nauert's meteoric rise from journalist to powerful U.S. diplomat - considering how Trump nominees have been treated in the past.

IMF Chief Prods President Trump To Drop Tariffs, Or ‘Age Of Anger’ May Ensue

Criticizing President Donald Trump with a "dystopian" view of the world's future, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chairwoman Christine Lagarde said that global economic prosperity means promoting equality within the trading system to reduce global tensions, including rescinding government subsidies for large industries and protecting technology and intellectual property, which, in fact, are issues Trump ran on during the 2016 presidential election.

The British Reveal About Facebook What The Americans Couldn’t

As tech and social media giant Facebook battles internal executive struggles and an eight-month-long 25 percent stock slump, the U.K. Parliament has revealed what the U.S. Congress did not, CEO Mark Zuckerberg engaged in "whitelisting" and targeted now-defunct industry competitors.

Defense Secretary Mattis Calls On International Partners To End War In Afghanistan

If the United States and her allies are to see a comparative "victory" in Afghanistan, apart from a permanent occupation reminiscent of imperialism that would be bloody, costly, and ineffective, it is possible that the only way to deal with the country at-large is by dealing with, individually, its local power brokers.

Southwest Virginia Republicans Say State Budget, Schools, I-81, Gambling, Opioid Crisis Are Top Priorities...

As the General Assembly has just 30 days of official work in Richmond scheduled so far this year, which has traditionally been extended to 45 calendar days, Republicans representing Southwest Virginia will work on five broader subjects and areas of legislative action that include providing funding for public education, reforming the state's tax code, upgrading Interstate-81, combating the opioid crisis statewide, and legislation to proliferate and regulate sports betting and casino-style gaming.