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Alex Lemieux is an assistant editor with The Republican Standard.

Defense Secretary Mattis Calls On International Partners To End War In Afghanistan

If the United States and her allies are to see a comparative "victory" in Afghanistan, apart from a permanent occupation reminiscent of imperialism that would be bloody, costly, and ineffective, it is possible that the only way to deal with the country at-large is by dealing with, individually, its local power brokers.

Southwest Virginia Republicans Say State Budget, Schools, I-81, Gambling, Opioid Crisis Are Top Priorities...

As the General Assembly has just 30 days of official work in Richmond scheduled so far this year, which has traditionally been extended to 45 calendar days, Republicans representing Southwest Virginia will work on five broader subjects and areas of legislative action that include providing funding for public education, reforming the state's tax code, upgrading Interstate-81, combating the opioid crisis statewide, and legislation to proliferate and regulate sports betting and casino-style gaming.

Chevrolet’s Volt: A Car For The Future That Never Was

General Motors is cutting jobs in the restructuring of their company as cars that were subsidizing by the Obama-era White House have lost their hyped appeal and are not selling anymore in a future world that never came. With cheap oil and a deregulatory state, look for the SUV, crossover, and light-duty truck market to be dominated by the big-three American automakers.

From WWII Fighter Pilot To 41st American President: George H.W. Bush Dead At 94

The 41st president was always known and will remain forever known as being one of the most "prepared" people to take over the Oval Office. He spoke of political unity in his 1989 inaugural address, adding that lawmakers and Americans throughout the country should rise above mere partisanship.
school safety

House Speaker Kirk Cox Proposes Moving 2019 Primary Elections Ahead Of SCOTUS Decision On...

“Moving the date of the primary elections for the House of Delegates, and all of the deadlines and requirements that stem from that date, is fair and reasonable for all parties -- especially the voters," Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) said in his 33-page request to the Eastern District Court as a decision on redistricting in the Commonwealth from the U.S. Supreme Court is set to come in 2019.

Experts Find Chinese Communist Party Working To Influence U.S. Institutions

Considering the People's Republic of China is attempting to influence the feelings of Western society into acknowledging that Beijing's woeful civil rights violations and new brand of imperialism is "ok," per a study of experts on China, it should be a wake up call to all Americans. 

Congressional Seat May Be Vindicated By Scott Taylor In Future

As a leader in Washington, one that put action and effort above rhetoric, out-going Republican Congressman Scott Taylor (VA-2) said his primary goals upon becoming an elected representative were to expand the military, help veterans through post-active duty care and other areas, and to help improve the Virginia Beach and Eastern Shore economies. Perhaps this list of accomplishments teamed with a renewed sense of Republican values and a strong will can lead Taylor to victory again down the road as he keeps his options open.

Federal Reserve: Farm Bankruptcies On Rise After $12 Billion Trump Bailout

Although President Donald Trump has commonly remarked that "tariffs are the greatest," it seems that rural America bailouts are not helping stave off farming bankruptcies in the heartland.

Massive Cost Overruns Hit Virginia After Medicaid Expansion

Members of the Northam Administration claim that these fiscal overruns have nothing to do with the expansion of the healthcare program under the Obama-era federal Affordable Care Act, which has led the state to extend coverage to over 300,000 low-income Virginians. They explained that it will help save the state money, but that will continue until the federal government rescinds the plan, leaving Virginia to pick up the bill somewhere down the road.

Virginia Gambling Laws And Industry Revenue To Be Considered In 2019 General Assembly Session

One area in the Commonwealth that needs extra attention insofar as state funding is concerned is public education infrastructure. Virginia has funded K-12 public education through the state lottery system, which has brought in around $9 billion, with record profits topping $600 million in 2018. If the General Assembly repeals Virginia's existing ban on casino gambling, a potentially large coffer could be opened to fund not only higher education or K-12 education, but other areas that need vital funding - transportation infrastructure, combating the opioid epidemic, school safety measures, countering human trafficking, creating a larger law enforcement presence towards gang violence, more affordable healthcare, among many others.