The Most Extraordinary Virginia Christmas

When all know the tale of the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock, but how many of us (including lifelong Virginians) know the story behind the first recorded Christmas in Virginia? Fortunately, we can peek 400 years into the past and see how the blessings of the holiday season bring people from all walks of life […]

Flashback: Virginia Cop Exposes Alleged Election Trickery

ICYMI: A vigilant Virginia cop arrested State Delegate Chris Hurst (D) for partaking in election trickery hours before Virginia’s 2021 elections. Hurst himself faced a competitive race in Southwest Virginia. Fortunately, he lost the following day to Jason Ballard. Per The Western Journal: On Monday night around 10 p.m., he was pulled over by a police officer […]

Long-Forgotten Contents of Time Capsule Under Lee Statue Revealed

Today, we have a palate cleanser specifically for you history lovers: historians opened a Civil War-era time capsule recovered from the pedestal of the former Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond yesterday. Watch as the contents of which — forgotten for more than 130 years — were shared: NBC12 News reports: The team started their […]

Mao Survivor Accuses School Board of ‘Communist Tactics’

Xi Van Fleet knows how brutal revolution can be. As a young girl, she survived Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution. Under the traumatic circumstances, two million of her countrymen died. Desperate to escape oppression, Van Fleet eventually immigrated to the United States. She settled in Northern Virginia and became a mother. Although worried about the FBI’s […]

Flashback: That Time a Chinese Businessman’s Donation to McAuliffe Caught the FBI’s Attention

This isn’t Terry McAuliffe’s first rodeo. The Democrat previously served as Virginia’s 72nd governor from 2014 to 2018. But the fight to reclaim power in Richmond presents unique challenges. For one thing, McAuliffe comes with baggage. Even the far-left Mother Jones has attacked him for his “brazen mixing of his campaign fundraising activity and attempts […]