Sunday, December 5, 2021

Democrats cry foul over Gillespie’s MS-13 commercial. Here is the truth!

We all know the best defense is a good offense.  So to defend their attack piece calling Gillespie "hateful," Democrats cried foul over Gillespie's...

Justice John Paul Stevens Dead Wrong About Second Amendment

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is wrong about the Second Amendment and is engaging in judicial activism to provide gun control.

House Votes to Reauthorize FISA, Trump Causes Twitter Storm

On Thursday, the House voted to reauthorize FISA. President Trump criticizes measure on Twitter. Rand Paul readies for filibuster.

Cline Begins His Walk To Congress

Delegate Ben Cline has started his old-fashioned walking tour of the Sixth Congressional District, talking with voters about tax regulations and healthcare reforms.

Democrat Compares Trump To Bin Laden, Sparking Massive Outrage

VA-10 Democrat Dan Helmer has sparked widespread fury with his new campaign ad comparing President Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden.

Trump Reverses Troop Withdrawal From Syria As ISIS Not Yet ‘Defeated’

The U.S. will now remain in the region to "protect the gains" made by the 79-nation coalition during the war against ISIS.

Republicans Should Take Second Look At DREAMers

Trump seems willing and eager to extend citizenship to the DREAMers in exchange for strict border security.  That's the deal -- Republicans should seize it.

11 Arrests Made As Migrant Caravan Reaches U.S.-Mexico Border

The Central American migrant "caravan" arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border over the weekend after a month-long journey from Honduras, through Mexico, leading to 11 arrests and charges filed by the DOJ.

It’s Time To End The Wedding Cake Silliness

This is not a case of compulsory speech, but of compulsory commerce.

Trump Administration Will Hold Offshore Drilling Meeting In Henrico

President Trump's administration is sending officials to central Virginia to discuss the future of offshore drilling and energy production in Virginia.