Friday, December 8, 2023

AUDIO: Virginia Democrats Ignore “Fast and Furious” Scandal Amidst Holder Fundraiser

Dump Comstock folks really don't want to talk about Fast and Furious... but they are more than happy to take money from the architect of the scandal.

CNU Wason: Gillespie Narrows Lead; Poll Still Weird

Christopher Newport University's Wason Center has new numbers showing embattled Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam sliding in the polls.

Democrat Guzman Believes She Violated The Law Three Times; Attacks Lingamfelter

Two-time PWC bankruptcy champion and Democrat Elizabeth Guzman's campaign calls for an investigation of... itself?

WaPo Slams Northam Hard on Education, But…

...the editorial feels more like evening up the score rather than a true balancing of the record.

Sadtler: Democrat Fairfax Extreme Views On Firearms Alienate Virginians

VCDL-PAC Chairman Sadtler: "Justin Fairfax is as extreme as any anti-gun candidate in Virginia’s history to ever run statewide on a major party ticket."

FBI Investigating Pipe Bomb Found At Civil War Reenactment

Union and Confederate re-enactors fought as planned despite Antifa making good on their threats of violence... or nearly.

Cost To Counter Protest? $570,000

What could Richmond schools have done with $570,000?

Why Is Northam Bringing Weinstein Enablers To Virginia?

Anyone who took any cash from this scumbag has explaining -- not campaigning -- to do.

Fowler: Trump Executive Order Could Revolutionize Health Insurance

President Trump's executive order could visibly expand the number of health care coverage choices for working class Americans.

Obama Is Going To Make Northam’s Base Problem Worse

Northam has a base problem as well as an independents problem, rocks and shoals Gillespie has thus far avoided.