Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Fake News: The So-Called Hanover “Young” Republicans

Fake Republican websites and social media accounts run by fake Republicans are cropping up in places you wouldn't expect... and in places you might.

The Washington Post’s Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone

Democrats write the narrative; The Washington Post dutifully echoes it. Virginians would appreciate it if the WaPo would just be honest about the spin.

Wexton Demurs on Pelosi; Friedman Raises Stakes In Bid To Court DCCC Interest In...

Democrats in VA-10 are at one another's throats as Wexton demurs on Pelosi, and the DCCC hedges their bets on a better financed candidate.

Rubin Misses The Point: This Isn’t About Statues, It Is About Institutions

Jennifer Rubin's antipathy for Trump is clouding her vision. Gillespie has struck a chord, and he should be applauded for having the courage to do so.

Watch Gillespie Dropkick Northam In POWERFUL First Ad

Gillespie doesn't waste time caging the debate, with an immediate focus on crime, illegal immigration, and supporting Virginia's law enforcement.

Op-Ed: While Americans Brave Hurricanes, Connolly Cannot Be Bothered For Veterans In The Rain

Democrat Gerry Connolly can't stop haranguing Trump about Hurricane Harvey, but he can dodge American Foreign Legion 176 on account of a little bit of rain.

Democrats Underperform In Fairfax; Northam’s Odds Sink

How will the Democrats spin the fact that they underperformed in a D+9 environment when in 2011 they pulled the same margin in a D+1?

POLL: Do You Support Gillespie’s Leadership On Confederate Memorials?

The debate is raging -- time for Virginians to have their say!

Northam’s Education Plan Gets The Slow-Clap Treatment on Twitter

What happens when you roll out an education plan, and no one cares?

Adams Kicks Off AG Race With Excellent First Ad

Remarkably positive start from an Adams campaign that continues to impress -- and quite the contrast from a panicked Herring that knows he has screwed up.