Now here’s a snippet from an unlikely source:

“…a recent private poll shared widely among minority advocacy groups sparked worry about the Democrat’s appeal. Northam’s campaign urged the groups not to release the poll’s findings, according to multiple people familiar with the matter — a point not disputed by his campaign.”

In short, the racist anti-Gillespie ad portraying the Republican gubernatorial candidate as hunting down minority children in an alley with a pick up truck has backfired tremendously.

What’s more telling in the advertisement is that LVF PAC — the hate group that sponsored the advertisement — was not at all concerned about boosting Northam’s chances to become governor, but rather they were focused like a laser on Gillespie’s messaging turning into a winning strategy for 2018:

“If we can respond in a very hard way right now, that causes our people to turn out in force and stomp out that fire. Hopefully we will do that,” Latino Victory Fund (LVF) President Cristóbal J. Alex said in an interview.

In short, Northam got thrown under the bus for a DNC life insurance policy.

Of course, LVF PAC deleted the advertisement from social media outlets.  The Republican Standard helpfully obtained a copy of this horrific ad to preserve for posterity:

No word on whether or not Northam will either repudiate the ad or return the $16,000 in donations his campaign received from LVF PAC.