How Youngkin Won The Election

Chris Saxman with Virginia FREE speaks with WPA Intelligence’s Amanda Iovino and Axiom Strategies’ Kristin Davison on Glenn Youngkin’s winning campaign for Governor in Virginia.

Biden Moms Tell CNN Why They Voted Republican

Over the weekend, CNN’s Pamela Brown sat down with a group of suburban moms to learn what drove the swing by white women to the GOP in 2021. All of the women Brown spoke to voted for President Biden 12 months before casting their ballot for Glenn Youngkin. WATCH: Exit polls from Virginia in 2020 […]

Video: 7 Times McAuliffe Confirmed He Thinks You Should Have No Say in Your Child’s Education

Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin’s campaign spokeswoman Macaulay Porter released the following statement regarding Terry McAuliffe’s new TV ad in which he laughably claims his comments about parents and schools are being taken “out of context.” “Two weeks before Election Day, Terry McAuliffe is struggling to save his campaign,” said Porter. “After 3 weeks […]

McAuliffe Abruptly Shuts Down Interview, Tells Reporter Ask Better Questions

A new poll shows a dead heat in Virginia’s governor’s race. And it’s not the only one. Since the beginning of October, all but one survey included in RealClearPolitics’ polling data have shown Republican Glenn Youngkin gaining on Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe has no doubt taken notice, releasing defensive ads attempting to explain away his remarks […]