You know you’ve got a problem when ’s most unabashed left-wing activist concedes Republicans have done a decent job reaching out to :

And now there’s empirical data to back Jones’ claim. It comes in a new CNN poll that shows Biden and  hemorrhaging black support by double digits ahead of the midterms.

Harry Enten, the network’s senior data reporter, explained to co-host Alisyn Camerota that Biden alone had lost 20 points with Black voters since last summer, from 87% to 67%.

Such a drop among the Democrats’ most reliable voting bloc will be catastrophic if things don’t change, as Mediaite reports:

Barack Obama, the last Democratic president, never dropped below 75% in any Gallup poll,” Enten noted. “This is lower than Barack Obama ever was.”

Camerota asked what has driven the shift in support, to which Enten responded:

Enten then noted in 2020, Democrats won over 77 percent of Black voters in House races. He pointed out current polling shows the party with only 62 percent among Black voters in House races.

“I want to put this in a historical comparison for you,” Enten told Camerota. “This really gets at how low that 62-point margin is. Democrats have won Black voters by 75% or more in every single election this century.”

Enten concluded that the rise of prominent Black conservatives is driving African American voters away from Democrats.

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