The recent Democrat forum featuring the six Democrats vying for the nomination in VA-10 brought out the usual humdrum of Democrat promises to raise taxes and hollow out our military — and more taxes, $47 dollar tolls for bike paths, and did we mention more taxes?

That was just the appetizer.  Of course, what would a progressive confab be without the all-too-common dodge on the question of whether they would support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House?

Surprisingly enough, Veteran (capital-V) Dan Helmer actually did oppose Pelosi’s return as speaker — that is, after the appropriate ring kissing about how “amazing” Pelosi is.

Not sketchy at all, right?  Of course, the one real groan-inducing whopper of a line which got lost in the forum came from none other than good ol’ Jennifer Wexton, who decided to embellish her political resume just a smidge.

…and by a smidge, we mean straight-up Common Core math, folks:

“I have traditionally outperformed other Democrats in the district.” Wexton said her performance as a candidate made her uniquely the best nominee for VA-10.

Small problem with that.  Wexton’s claim and reality have about as uncomfortable a relationship as Helmer does with Pelosi (and it should be mentioned, the 12th and 13th states in the Union there, Veteran).

Count those stripes.

In Wexton’s State Senate seat — drawn to help then-State Senator Mark Herring — Wexton has grossly underperformed her fellow Democrats. While Ralph Northam and Mark Herring both received 67 percent in Wexton’s district last year, Wexton herself only received 52.7 percent in her 2014 special election and 56 percent in her 2015 re-elect race where she faced underfunded opposition.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton received 62 percent of the vote in 2016. In 2012, Obama received 59 percent while Tim Kaine received 60 percent the same year.  In short, Wexton’s lazy campaigning in a sapphire-blue seat should give Democrats pause indeed (even if Republicans are quietly cheering on a Wexton candidacy as the brier patch we want — like seriously guys, nominate that one!).

Yet don’t expect Wexton to mention her loss in her 2011 countywide race for Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney.

The hapless, singing Dan Helmer of the “worst political ad of the season” fame has been trying to make the case that Wexton is exactly the kind of candidate that incumbent Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has handily defeated before — mostly because that’s true.  Comstock has indeed dispatched much tougher opponents than either Wexton or Helmer, which doesn’t seem to dissuade Democrats one bit.

Case in point?  Helmer is actually campaigning on how strong Comstock is in the district, noting Comstock’s over-performance of Trump by 16 points in 2016 after her trouncing of previous Democratic political insiders.

Helmer is desperately trying to cast himself as the next Connor Lamb, just without the guns and moderate values that actually helped Lamb win in Pennsylvania’s special election.

Yet unless Helmer intends to trade his microphone for an AR-15 (which seems like a doubtful image for a Northern Virginia Democrat), even if this “lamb” clones himself like Dolly the Sheep — it is 2018 after all — Helmer is more than likely heading towards an expensive and humbling political slaughter come the June 12 Democrat primary.

Sing the blues, Dan.  We like it. 

Dan hasn’t gotten the memo: The powers that be have picked Wexton. No amount of the clumsy misfires at an unnamed opponent (Wexton) for her corporate contributions or her support for concealed carry reciprocity legislation are going to change that.

While he has spent a year railing at, singing to, and trolling Comstock, Helmer neglected to focus on the race he is in.

Well, thanks for playing Dan, but you are just not good at this.  Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to scramble for second place in the general election — hoping to inherit an easy win where the math simply doesn’t even put them close.