From the Washington Post, the gun grabbers have made manifest the troubling truth of the last few weeks of the Democratic campaign — Justin Fairfax, having been deleted from Democratic flyers last week, is now being starved of resources needed to prosecute the race:

The organization announced Monday it would donate $400,000 to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam and $300,000 to Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring’s re-election bid in the final two weeks before election day.

That comes on top of an earlier $1 million dollar commitment from the organization bankrolled by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

…but nothing for Fairfax.

Obviously, Northam and Herring cannot force donors to give to Fairfax.  However, this does point towards a certain orchestration of effort diverting resources away from Fairfax and towards other statewide candidates.

Which means that deleting Fairfax from the ticket was no one-off decision, but literally an attempt to survive a shark attack by stabbing a friend.

UPDATE:  Here’s another tidbit from the same article:

Everytown also announced it would redirect $90,000 originally meant for mailers to radio ads targeting black voters. The ad features Lucy McBath, a black volunteer for the group whose son was fatally shot in a Florida gas station parking lot after an argument involving loud music.

Translation?  Either the Democrats believe that black support is so locked in as to be taken for granted, or they have made the terrible miscalculation that black voters simply don’t matter this go around…

…which would explain the deep dive into Northern Virginia on issues such as gun control, but would not explain the abandonment of Fairfax’s lieutenant governor bid.

Odd goings on within Camp Northam these days…

UPDATE x2: Bearing Drift has picked up on the further omission of Justin Fairfax as well from the Democratic ticket.

If this is a sign of things to come?  The scorecard thus far is a net win for Virginia Republicans — holding on to the House of Delegates while netting one statewide seat.

Virginia Democrats, conversely, are tentatively holding on to both the Attorney General and the gubernatorial seats — and by fingernails already bent and worn against the granite of reality.