From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Adam Zuckerman, Herring’s campaign manager, said Monday that the campaign will notify the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce that Herring will agree to debate Adams before the chamber in October.

The Adams campaign has been calling on Herring for weeks to commit to more debates. On Monday, the Adams campaign issued a news release noting that Herring participated in the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce debate four years ago when he first ran for attorney general.

“This debate is in his own backyard. One has to wonder why he still hasn’t given the Loudoun Chamber an answer,” reads an Adams comment in the news release.

The simplest and easiest reason to point towards?  Adams’ disarming style and his encyclopedic knowledge of the issues facing Virginians forced Herring into an uncomfortable position as the Activist-In-Chief for liberal pet issues.

Herring’s campaign is perhaps the sole bright light in the Democratic constellation by virtue of having amassed a $2 million warchest over the last 4 years.  In contrast, not only has Adams raised a considerable amount in a very short span of time, his squeaky-clean demeanor and cheerful approach to commonsense issues is swinging many an independent at at time where Democrats are having a hard enough time not being labeled as the crazy party trapped in transgenders, marriage, and wacky social issues.

As Gillespie’s coattails continue to grow and the Democrats in Washington continue to fumble the narrative, the idea of a sweep is starting to be whispered — privately, not publicly — among field operatives who can feel the shift against Democrats moving in Northern Virginia and elsewhere.

Folks aren’t angry anymore; they’ve convicted.  Stonewalling on debates only proves the worn narrative that the Democrats don’t have a positive agenda, either for America or for Virginia.