Just weeks after her victory, Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) is being tapped for leadership positions by beleaguered House Democrats in Washington — but not for legislative leadership.

Instead, House Democrats are selecting Spanberger to be the chief partisan of their newly created Battleground Leadership Represenative, a coalition of red district seats designed to lure independent and moderate voteres into voting for progressive Democratic leadership in Washington.

Spanberger seems elated with her new role, according to Max Cohen:

“I have now won three elections in a Battleground district,” writes Spanberger. “Like you, I have experience talking about and advocating for the work of our Caucus where people may not automatically think that the Democratic Party is looking out for people like them.”

While the new role is sure to distract Spanberger from any legislative accomplishment, such a move rules out any future or potential statewide run in Virginia for 2025, thus narrowing the field for prospective Virginia Democrats eager to recapture the Governor’s Mansion.