Roanoke College has produced another poll in sync with all the others — embattled Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam once again polls under the Democratic generic ballot and is statistically tied with Republican Ed Gillespie — 47 to 43.

Some other alarming signs for Democrats in this poll?  Trump only comes in at 36%, an eight point jump from the last time Roanoke conducted its poll (national poll averages have Trump at 41%; Rassmussen’s daily track poll has Trump again at 44%).  That number alone tells you that even with a statistically tied poll, Roanoke is still skewing a bit to the left and requires calibration — same as the CNU Wason poll.

Yet it’s the Mary Washington poll that should have Democrats most alarmed with the question “Who are your neighbors voting for?” — Gillespie leads this question by 7 points, and with Northam’s singular characteristic in each one of these polls is that Northam is unfailingly underperforming vs. the generic ballot (currently at D+8.2 and dropping)?

Another day, another punch to the gut for Team Northam.