RSLC Slams Justin Fairfax Over Opposition To Pipeline


Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Justin Fairfax just took a hit to the gut.  From the RSLC statement:

Virginia’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax seems to be more willing to represent the interests of far-left protestors than the citizens of Virginia.

During his primary campaign, Fairfax said that he would oppose any pipeline construction in Virginia in hopes to gain the support of the progressives who have been protesting the proposed pipelines.

Now he has doubled down on this pledge despite his own running mate, gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam, saying that he would support the construction of the natural gas pipelines.


What’s clear at this rate is that the Republicans (and most Democrats — including Northam) are more than happy to take Justin Fairfax to task.

There’s a reason for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s broad support in Virginia: thousands of new jobs, millions in tax revenue, and not to mention an outlet at the Port of Virginia — an international port of call.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have been reduced to calling pipeline supporters racists for the crime of bringing thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue to Buckingham County, Virginia.

Why Jonathan Sokolow — an United Mine Workers attorney and self-declared environmental activist from Reston — cares about Buckingham County remains a mystery… or not… just a quick perusal at his VPAP contributions in state suggests he’s probably not an honest observer of what is best for Buckingham County.

Either way, the Republicans aren’t running from a project that will bring thousands of jobs and produce millions of dollars in tax revenue, and they are more than happy to stick Justin Fairfax with his explanation as to why he opposes core infrastructure and clean energy projects.

Whether this coterie of pressure groups can bring even Ralph Northam back into the fold remains to be seen, having failed to do so thus far.

Nevertheless, the RSLC reminds the rest of us (and the media) that the real divisions aren’t on the right — but deep within the Democratic camp.


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