Now here’s an interesting tidbit that folks might have missed in the latest VCU D+12 poll that put Northam up by six points.

When asked the question whom those seeking employment were more likely to support?  Guess which candidate they placed their hopes in?

Buried in Page 16 of the poll, the answer?

That’s right: Ed Gillespie.

Note the sample size as well.  VCU polled this question intentionally, but never released the findings.  Also of note?  When the poll asked the question among registered voters vs. likely voters, the poll tightened considerably across the spectrum for the statewide candidates, with all three Republican candidates within striking distance…

…in a D+12 poll.

That has to be bitter news to a beleaguered Northam campaign that is still struggling to answer the question as to why he wants to be governor.  As the progressive left continues to push him towards opposing clean energy solutions, Gillespie has the advantage of speaking the language of kitchen table economics — and among the independents that will swing this election, Gillespie still holds a commanding lead.