~ Restoration Bioproducts to produce biochar and green energy ~

Governor Glenn Youngkin has just announced that Restoration Bioproducts LLC will construct the Commonwealth’s first biochar production facility in Sussex County. Co-located in the Town of Waverly with wood pellet manufacturer Wood Fuel Developers, the company will use pyrolysis technology to convert waste wood from the mill into biochar and syngas, a form of natural gas. Over the next three years, Restoration Bioproducts will invest $5.8 million into a new facility, create five high-paying jobs, and purchase 34,560 tons of Virginia-grown wood products while bringing major business benefits to Wood Fuel Developers.

“Technology and entrepreneurship are powerful forces driving the Commonwealth’s economy forward. Today’s announcement is further evidence that Virginia is the location of choice for companies looking to transform their industries through innovation,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. 

“I congratulate Sussex County on bringing a first-of-its-kind green energy project to Virginia and commend Restoration Bioproducts for demonstrating the power of private-sector led, sustainable waste solutions.”

“Forestry is Virginia’s third largest private sector industry and is often the major economic driver in many of our rural communities. Therefore it is critical that entrepreneurs and innovators, like Restoration Bioproducts, apply new technologies to solve the business problems of today,” said Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Matthew Lohr. “This project highlights the power of collaboration and sustainable solutions, two hallmarks of a thriving forest products industry.”

“Our partners have all worked in Virginia for many years, and we are very pleased to bring our first project using this exciting new technology to the Town of Waverly and Sussex County,” said Jeff Waldon, Managing Partner of Restoration Bioproducts LLC. 

“Pyrolysis and biochar application has been identified as an important technological approach to assisting agricultural producers improve soil health, and sequester carbon in soils to address climate change.”

“Sussex County is thrilled that Restoration Bioproducts chose to locate its operations in one of Virginia’s timber industry hubs. We’re excited by the innovative potential of their biochar and syngas products and wish them the greatest success,” said Susan Seward, Chair of the Sussex County Board of Supervisors. “We also greatly appreciate our partnership with the Town of Waverly and the Commonwealth in bringing this new business to the county.”

Restoration Bioproducts is a Virginia-based, private-sector conservation company that provides custom-engineered, environmentally-sustainable business solutions for companies dealing with agricultural or forestry waste. The company deploys pyrolysis-based solutions to sustainably produce biochar and syngas.

Biochar is a highly-porous, stable and carbon-rich charcoal-like product with a variety of applications, but is most commonly used as an agricultural soil amendment, odor absorber or animal feed additive. For this project, the syngas will be used to power the pyrolysis reaction chamber and a 500kw electric generator to provide low-cost, behind-the-meter electricity to Wood Fuel Developers. In this win-win project, Restoration Bioproducts benefits from a guaranteed supply of low-cost biomass and market for its electricity, while Wood Fuel Developers is offloading nuisance wood waste and reducing the costs associated with utility-supplied electricity.

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services worked with Sussex County and Restoration Bioproducts LLC to secure this project for the Commonwealth. Governor Youngkin approved a $50,000 grant from the Governor’s Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Fund, which Sussex County and the Town of Waverly will match with local funds.