Months after the infamous January snowstorm that left I-95, and former Governor Ralph Northam in a gridlock, a independent study has found the root cause of the issue.

In the 41 page report, the agency found that Virginia state agencies collectively “lost situational awareness” and failed to keep up with growing gridlock during the January snowstorm. The report was produced by CNA, a nonprofit research and analysis organization that has conducted similar work for the U.S. Navy and local, state and federal government agencies. It said it drew from documents including situation reports, real-time planning documents, news articles, social media, interviews and other sources.

While the report does not ascribe blame to any single person or agency, state officials, including leaders of the Virginia Department of Transportation, vowed to thoroughly review the report and its recommendations.

“VDOT’s top priority is and always will be the safety of the traveling public, and as we learn from each event, this report highlighted key areas for us to refine in our winter-weather operations,” Virginia Commissioner of Highways Stephen Brich said.

Governor Younkin has been quick to point out that the report showed “the previous administration’s leadership did not properly prepare or communicate” and claimed there was “almost no apparent involvement by the Governor or his senior staff.”

Hopefully, Younkin’s administration will be able to handle a crisis like this in much better form than the previous administration.