“We are La Mara Salvatrucha,” he said. “And here, there are rules.”

Now this is rich.  Weeks after slamming Republican Ed Gillespie over sounding the clarion call over MS-13’s presence in Northern Virginia as duplicitous and racist, the Washington Post has now decided that MS-13… really is a problem after all.

…the irony of which was not lost on Republicans on Twitter:

“We are La Mara Salvatrucha,” he said. “And here, there are rules.”

Pay $60 “rent” per week or there would be trouble, he said. Undocumented and afraid of being deported if she went to police, Bautista began handing over the cash.

She had heard of the international street gang growing up in Central America, where MS-13, as it’s known, controls cities through brutality and corruption. But she had lived for the better part of a decade in the United States without crossing its path.

Now, she realized, she’d unwittingly moved into MS-13 territory a mere seven miles from the White House.

Now imagine that as a Gillespie advertisement… and hear the screams of Democratic operatives (and their enablers in the media) about racism and bigotry, etc.

Of course, here’s a line that folks should relish:

Among the alleged leaders of MS-13 in Langley Park is a 35-year-old roofer with an endearing nickname that belies the fear it inspires in his neighbors.

The Washington Post is withholding his nickname at the request of the FBI and police, who said they feared retaliatory violence against residents. The Post also is withholding his real name because he has not been charged in connection to any MS-13 crime.

Just to be clear, allegations of this sort?  Let’s pump those brakes a little bit, kid… but allegations of any other sort?  Publish those names; it’s all the Russians fault…

Of course, most liberals won’t see it for what it is… but every conservative in Virginia sees it whole.