In what has to be one of the most bizarre twists in Virginia election history, a Democratic laywer apparently pressured one of the vote counters to consider a marked ballot as unverifiable… resulting in a one-vote win for the Democrat and a shift in control of the House of Delegates for the first time since 1998.

…that is, until an attack of conscience came along.

The entire thread is worth reading.  Apparently, his Democratic companion convinced him that the vote — clearly marked — should not be counted and discarded it.  Thereupon, a combination of an attack of conscience followed by a conversation with his parents, his wife, and finally GOP attorneys and Jesus Christ (true item — he prayed about it) convinced him to write a letter and submit it to the justices.

Lo and behold?  The ballot was found in a box precisely described.

Democrats — true to form — immediately objected.  Republicans countered that not only should every vote count as voter intent was clear on this ballot, but that the vote had not been certified by the judges themselves.  Ergo, this ballot deserved to be counted.

Instead of yielding to eyesight and common sense, the Democratic attorneys vigorously argued to the contrary — all in an effort to make sure this lone vote was not counted and much to the chagrin of Republicans who vociferously demanded that the vote — plain to everyone as a vote for Yancey — indeed be counted (because after all, it was right there in the box just as the whistleblower described it to be and even marked Gillespie, Vogel, and Adams on the ballot as well).

The three judge panel?  Sided with common sense, and with it the control of the House of Delegates now hinges on a draw by lots — effectively, two names in a hat — after which the losing party may request a recount (which will most certainly be demanded by either party).

Of course, we can now dispense with the mythology of “every vote counts” as something held sacrosanct by the Democratic Party at this rate, because clearly, the Democrats no longer believe in such things when raw unadulterated power is on the line.

Stay tuned.  Draw by lots comes down next week — presumably Wednesday — at the Virginia State Department of Elections.