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Speaker Cox Renews Call for Bipartisan Investigation of Justin Fairfax Sexual Assault Allegations

Renewing his willingness to investigate, Speaker Cox has said any inquiry must be bipartisan and "very deliberate." Meanwhile, House Democrats have blocked any inquiry by the General Assembly from moving forward, scuttling last week's impeachment push by Democratic delegate Patrick Hope.

Senators Tim Kaine, Mark Warner Opposed Trump’s Nomination Of AG William Barr

Repeating their performances given during Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings, Virginia's Democratic Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner opposed Trump's pick to head the Department of Justice, Attorney General William Barr.

Despite Backlash, a Majority of Democrats Remain Sponsors of Tran’s Third Trimester Abortion Bill

51% of Democrats in Virginia's General Assembly remain signed on as sponsors to Kathy Tran's controversial third trimester abortion bill. On Friday, the deadline passed for withdrawing support from the measure.

Del. Hala Ayala Pushes Unprecedented Rules Change in bid to Expand Taxpayer Funded Abortion

Del. Hala Ayala proposed an unprecedented House rules change designed to advance Democratic efforts requiring taxpayer funding for abortion.

House & Senate GOP’s Tax Plan Puts Money Back Into Virginians’ Pockets

The General Assembly voted this week to approve GOP-led bills to provide nearly $1 billion in tax relief for Virginians.

General Assembly Elects Judge Teresa M. Chafin To Supreme Court Of Virginia

Judge Teresa M. Chafin was elected to the Supreme Court of Virginia, with the Honorable Clifford L. “Clay” Athey succeeding her on the Court of Appeals.

Amazon’s Scraps NYC For HQ2, Will Virginia Get The Whole Deal?

Amazon just announced they are pulling plans to build HQ2 in New York City, with construction set to continue in Crystal City, Virginia.

In Leaked Email, Democratic Caucus Told Lawmakers to Dodge Questions on Fairfax Assault Allegations

Democratic lawmakers were advised to avoid answering direct questions about sexual assault allegations against Justin Fairfax, and whether they believe his accusers, according to an email leaked by a Democratic legislator to the New York Times.

Democrats Pressured To Donate Northam Political Funds To National Slavery Museum

“It is incredibly hypocritical to call for Governor Northam’s resignation while at the same time spend all of his donations,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson.

The FBI Cannot Investigate Justin Fairfax Allegations. Does the Former Prosecutor Know This?

Justin Fairfax, a former federal prosecutor, called for an FBI investigation, despite a lack of jurisdiction. Democratic strategists said it's a red herring, implying Fairfax is deflecting from accusations of sexual assault, and continuing to allege that fellow Democrats leaked the initial allegation against him.