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Charlottesville Businesses Are Suffering Dramatically Thanks To Lee Statue Fight

Charlottesville's Lee Statue -- under tarp since August 2017 -- continues to be emblematic of the city's capacity for dysfunction rather than resistance. 

Underperformer Don Beyer Still Trying To “Bump Off” Overperformer Barbara Comstock

Democrats are in for a rather amazing surprise if they think VA-10 are easy pickings, as Comstock knows her home district better than any outsider. 

Democrat Wendy Gooditis Is No Stranger To Hypocrisy, That’s For Sure

Delegate Wendy Gooditis from northern Virginia has shown her shameless hypocrisy by voting in favor of people she opposed during her candidacy.

Virginia Peanuts and Soybeans Hit Record Numbers

In 2017, Virginia farmers saw the highest ever yield of soybeans and peanuts on record, better than expected news for the state's largest private industry.
Port of Virginia

Port of Virginia Record Volume Booming Newport News Economy

The Port of Virginia is booming. Newport News is also going to get a large economic bolster from new shipbuilding requests. This time from Washington.

Colonial Williamsburg To Paint Interior of Governor’s Mansion

Colonial Williamsburg is taking the extraordinary step of painting the great hall of the Governor's Mansion between Jan 15th thru Jan 26th.

ALLEN: Ambitious Politicians and Outside Money Schemes Against Virginia Manufacturing

Allen: "Ambitious politicians ... are determined to cast Virginia’s natural resources and manufacturers as enemies of the people and the environment."

Republican General Assembly Invests $736K To Broadcast Committee Hearings

A minor victory for Richmond Sunlight, to be sure.

Yancey Wins in HOD-94; Straight Line For Cox To Become Speaker

It's over -- Delegate David Yancey has won the draw against Democrat Shelly Simmons, who is refusing to concede her defeat.

Democrats Use Corporate Money To Get Elected; Pledge To Not Take Money To Get...

...after just taking a boatload of corporate money to get elected, of course.