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Music Modernization Act

Goodlatte’s Music Modernization Act To Revolutionize Streaming Industry

Congress will take up a bill later this week from Republican Bob Goodlatte (VA-6) that will revolutionize the music industry and how the makers of music are paid and compensated. Called the Music Modernization Act, it would benefit songwriters and producers that are currently subject to a system over 100 years old. 

Stocks Down 425 As Tech Takes Hit; High 10-Year Treasury Yields

Stocks took a beating today as the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the trading day down 425 points, 1.73 percent. The market had a slight uptick from mid-day as the stock exchange was reporting the Dow was down at least 600 points at one point.

Northam Signs Bills Thwarting NextGen America’s Shady FOIA Tactics

Democrats were in hot water over a clandestine political operation undertaken in Virginia prior to last year's election. After it was found that a PAC called NextGen America was working to bolster liberals by filing FOIAs to secure the phone numbers of voters, Governor Northam signed two bill prohibiting the action.
general assembly

Millions More For General Assembly Overhaul After Delays And Cost Overruns

The Virginia state government's replacement of the century-old General Assembly building has risen in projected cost by at least $24 million due to delays and other cost overruns.

Supreme Court May Rule On Lawsuit Against Virginia Uranium Mining Ban

Although the ban on uranium mining in Virginia has stood for over 35 years, a new lawsuit has been filed that may have the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the matter.
sanctuary cities

Republican Lawmaker Makes Final Effort For Sanctuary Cities Bill

After Governor Northam struck down a measure that would have prohibited the establishment of sanctuary cities in Virginia, one Republican lawmaker made one last effort to see it through.

31 Virginia Health Care Providers Urge Health Care Solution

All eyes remain on the Virginia Senate, where State Senator Emmett Hanger remains the key vote on the House compromise bill.
north korea

CIA Director Pompeo Visits North Korea Ahead Of Trump-Kim Summit

It has been revealed that CIA Director Mike Pompeo has met with Kim Jong Un in North Korea, paving a path to the eventual Trump-Kim summit.

Underrepresented Entrepreneurs Targeted By VA Venture Capital Program

As Virginia builds the economy for the 21st century, a new venture capital program will target investments made by underrepresented entrepreneurs.

LINGAMFELTER: I’ve Been Thinking…

Scott Lingamfelter offers some reflections on what would have been his father's 103rd birthday.