Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Governor Northam’s Budget Subsidizes Education Failure

There is a cast iron rule in economics: if you want more of something, subsidize it. Governor Northam must be a big...

Northam, Richmond Democrats Prepare To Pack Virginia Courts

Strategically placed in Northam’s spending plan is $5.1 million to expand the court from 11 to 15 judges.

Red Herring Seeks Third Term

Staring down his own blackface scandal, Mark "Red" Herring seeks to sooth progressive voters that he gets it on being racist.

Who Elected Ralph Northam Pope?

Northam's foray into religion cloaks an underhanded effort to manipulate the public rather than deal with Virginians as adults.

Prominent Virginia Democrat Lawyer Busted for Trafficking Teenage Girls

Erausquin, a regular donor to Virginia and national Democratic candidates since 2008, is a founding partner at Consumer Litigation Associates, a Virginia firm that specializes in suing the financial and credit-reporting industries.

Miyares Announces For AG; Chase Declines Bid For Republican Nod

As an independent candidate, Chase would be running in the general election against both the Democratic and Republican nominees.

GILMORE: On The 75th Anniversary Of The Nuremberg Tribunal

Former Virginia governor and present Ambassador Jim Gilmore offers his remarks on the 75 anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials.
Coal fired power plant

Jefferson Institute: TCI Raises Household Costs To $737 Per Year

A new study from the Thomas Jefferson Institute argues the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) will cost households a shocking $737 per year.

Northam’s Heavy Handed Approach To COVID Restrictions Angers Many

More befuddling is Northam's aim to limit holiday gatherings for Virginia families while thousands of people march and protest in the streets, setting up a more obvious -- and less overreaching -- double standard for controlling the spread. 

Democrats Slam Hispanics, Barrett on Charismatic Catholicism?

Have the Democrats made a catastrophic error in attacking Barrett's charismatic Catholicism?  Hispanic voters may have the last say.