Wednesday, December 4, 2019
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Delegate Adams, Call Your Office…

Things just got worse for Del. Dawn Adams, D-Henrico. A lot worse. Already facing a lawsuit alleging that the Democrat seeking re-election broke into online banking...

RGGI: The Stealth Carbon Tax You’ve Never Heard Of

RGGI; it’s something that Democrats are going to love to talk about come time for the General Assembly session, but something that only a...

Democrats Struggle To Catch “Second Wave” (Because It Isn’t There)

Democrats could be in for a nasty shock in November. 

Lyin’ Larry Barnett Locates Local Police Look-Alikes

Whoever said “fake it ’til you make it” probably wasn’t talking about using fake law enforcement officers in a political campaign. Apparently no one told...

Falwell Praises “Respectful, Not Angry” Protesters At Liberty University

The wake of the Politico story thumping Falwell Jr. seems to be more ripple than tidal wave.

Spanberger Campaign Staffer Savages Conservatives On Twitter

Is this what Democrats actually think of Republicans?

New Study: School Choice Works

The results are in, and they’re promising — especially for advocates of school choice. Such was the finding of a two-year study of public funding...

VEA Endorses State Senator Jill Vogel

With state races starting to heat up, the Virginia Education Association is making bi-partisan endorsements in support of public education.

Citing Cost, TJIPP Gives Thumbs Down To Greenhouse Gas Initiative

The $6 billion price tag to satisfy environmentalists isn't worth the squeeze, cites the Virginia think tank.