Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Coal fired power plant

Jefferson Institute: TCI Raises Household Costs To $737 Per Year

A new study from the Thomas Jefferson Institute argues the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) will cost households a shocking $737 per year.

Northam’s Heavy Handed Approach To COVID Restrictions Angers Many

More befuddling is Northam's aim to limit holiday gatherings for Virginia families while thousands of people march and protest in the streets, setting up a more obvious -- and less overreaching -- double standard for controlling the spread. 

Democrats Slam Hispanics, Barrett on Charismatic Catholicism?

Have the Democrats made a catastrophic error in attacking Barrett's charismatic Catholicism?  Hispanic voters may have the last say. 

Who Else Is Ready For Casinos In Danville, Norfolk?

The proposed Danville casino would generate at least $190 million in direct revenue and $51 million in tax revenue annually by 2025.

Bob Good Surges In Virginia’s Fifth District

Webb would simply represent a low-octane version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

VAFREE: The Taxman Cometh For Virginia…

The leftist think tank Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis is hiring a campaign manager to help orchestrate the tax hike.

LTE: Does The “R” in Richmond Stand For R-Rated?

The profanity and graffiti that has predominated Richmond since May needs to be cleaned up.

Trump Victory Campaign Goes Virtual Amid Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic hit the pause button for most individuals across America, and for good reason as we all work to slow the spread...

Governor Northam Should Consider Amending, Delaying Bills that Hurt Small Business

In the worlds of business and government, there’s an old saw about known unknowns and unknown unknowns. There’s a cowboy holed up in a cabin....

Will Virginia Open the Pandora’s Box of Public Employee Unions?

Introducing collective bargaining for public employees in Virginia is akin to opening Pandora’s economic box on responsible spending and financial flexibility. Public-sector unions represent an...