Virginia State Parks via Wikimedia Commons

Virginia Democrats were humbled by last night’s election shellacking.

And election results are still coming in.

At the top of the ticket, Glenn Youngkin defeated Terry McAuliffe 51-49. Honestly, Youngkin appeared to be on track for a 2-5 point victory 30 minutes after the polls closed.

CNN and other outlets announced earlier that Republican Winsome Sears triumphed in the race for lieutenant governor. Sears is the first black American and woman to be elected lieutenant governor in Virginia. Although not everyone has called the somewhat closer attorney general’s race, multiple reputable sources have declared Jason Miyares the winner. The rest show Miyares headed to victory. He would become the state’s first Latino attorney general.

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Now, how about the House of Delegates?

As of this morning, several races remain uncalled. According to WTOP, Republicans have flipped two seats and lead in four others. The GOP needs to win six seats to reclaim their majority in the lower house.

WTOP reports:

Democrats went into Election Day defending a 55-45 majority.

While Democratic incumbents in Northern Virginia cruised to reelection early, some races in competitive districts in Loudoun and Prince William counties were nail-biters late into the night.

It’s an election that some political watchers see as a referendum on the sweeping progressive reforms Democrats pushed through the General Assembly over the past two years, including legalizing marijuana, tightening gun safety laws and repealing the death penalty, and others see as providing an early glimpse into the mood of the U.S. electorate early into President Joe Biden’s term.

Aside from winning an outright majority, another possibility is a rare 50-50 split, in which Republicans and Democrats would have to share power.