With less than three weeks left in office, Democratic AG Mark Herring just had to get in one more cheap shot.

From the inestimable Jim Bacon over at Bacon’s Rebellion:

Bacon’s bottom line: The Town of Windsor pulled its punches. The lawsuit is not merely “political,” it is despicable grand-standing. We live in a racially charged society, and accusations of racism should not be leveled lightly. Substance-free lawsuits garner national headlines, which may benefit Herring in his next professional or political incarnation, but it inflames race relations for the rest of us.

Case in point?  The Town of Windsor is accused of disproportionately targeting black motorists along Route 460 in contrast to the demographics of the town itself.

One notable metric missing in Herring’s lawsuit?  The demographics of those travelling along Route 460.  To wit:

A statement from the Town of Windsor described the decision to file the lawsuit just 17 days before Herring leaves office as “clearly political.” The lawsuit cites questionable data, and it ignores the fact that the town has taken significant measures since the nationally publicized Nazario incident to increase training and accountability, the town says. “None of these efforts are mentioned in the Herring lawsuit, even though his office and deputies were fully aware of them for several months.”

Windsor is located in Isle of Wight County in southeastern Virginia.

Of course, one cannot help but agree with the assessment.  Is Herring actually attempting to resolve anything here?  Or are we seeing a concerted effort to frame the narrative for the incoming Youngkin administration before it can even enter the Governor’s Mansion?

Wiser minds can judge for themselves and act accordingly.