Election Day is finally here and polls in Virginia have closed.

The race for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and all 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates are up for grabs.

Anything less than a landslide by Terry McAuliffe should send shivers down the spines of national Democrats to say nothing of the implications of President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda.

One caveat: With absentee ballots being counted first, we except to see a substantial McAuliffe lead starting off.

Watch as the results trickle in:

7:29 Update:

With 10% of precincts reporting Glenn Youngkin leads Terry McAuliffe 52.8% to 46.4%.

Thus far, McAuliffe leads Youngkin by 10 points in Loudoun County with 34% of the vote counted.

McAuliffe has a 5 point lead in Henrico County with 16% of the vote reported.

7:32 Update:

If those numbers hold up in suburban Richmond it may be an early night.

However, Democratic strategists claim that McAuliffe never intended to win Chesterfield County, even though Biden won there in 2020.

7:35 Update:

With 14% of the vote reporting, Glenn Youngkin leads with 55% of the vote, 11.2 percentage points ahead of Terry McAuliffe. Votes from Fairfax County remain outstanding.

7:42 Update:

The 100 precincts or so that have reported so far show an ultra-competitive election and very high turnout.

7:47 Update:

The races for lieutenant governor and attorney general are highly competitive, too. Jason Miyares has a 13.4 point lead with 23% of the vote reported. Winsome Sears has a 14.6 point edge. Both are running slightly behind Youngkin.

7:48 Update:

Based on those initial returns, McAuliffe has 74% of the vote in Fairfax County. That’s probably lower than what he wants, although it’s still early.

Turnout Explosion

7:53 Update: 

7:57 Update:

Currently, McAuliffe has a 6 point lead in Loudoun County. Eighty-three percent of the vote is counted there.

8:02 Update:

That being said, Youngkin has expanded on Donald Trump’s 2020 lead in GOP-leaning Fauquier County.

8:09 Update:

According to The New York Times’ Nate Cohn, McAuliffe is slightly underperforming. Although it’s still early, so buckle up.

Is the House of Delegates About to Flip?

8:13 Update:

Another Ominous Sign for Democrats?

8:16 Update:

8:21 Update:

Meanwhile, Youngkin continues to over perform in rural counties.

However, the City of Richmond isn’t reporting yet.

And Fairfax County is only 8% counted.

8:29 Update:

BREAKING: Dave Wasserman (U.S. House editor at the Cook Political Report) is calling the race for Youngkin.

This is breaking news. Stay with The Republican Standard for the latest updates.

8:38 Update:

The Cook Political Report is considered the best in the business when it comes to political prognostication.

8:41 Update:

An Unmitigated Disaster?

Sean Trende of RealClearPolitics tweeted an interesting graphic. It appears Virginia Democrats could face an unmitigated disaster down-ballot, with McAuliffe underperforming in most of Virginia’s counties and independent cities.

It’ll be interesting to see how the New Jersey’s governor’s race shakes out.

8:47 Update:

Woof, McAuliffe is down to 67.6% in Fairfax County. While a two-to-one margin is objectively decisive, the current results are well below his campaign’s target number.

8:52 Update:

BREAKING: Dave Wasserman is calling the lieutenant governor race for Republican Winsome Sears

8:53 Update:

This one graphic captures how Youngkin achieved victory in a Biden +10 state.

9:01 Update:

Here are the latest numbers with 64% of the vote tallied (H/T The New York Times) –


Youngkin – 55.1%

McAuliffe – 44.3%

Lieutenant Governor

Sears – 55.3%

Ayala – 44.7%

Attorney General

Jason Miyares – 54.8%

Mark Herring (incumbent) – 45.2%

9:02 Update:


9:10 Update:

According to MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki, it appears that the political map has changed in Virginia.

Loudoun County remains blue. And Youngkin won’t do as well there as Mitt Romney did in 2012. However, Youngkin kept GOP losses in Northern Virginia to a minimum and added to the Donald Trump’s 2020 margins in the more rural parts of the state.

9:13 Update:

Horrible messaging from the Democratic nominee doesn’t help either.

9:15 Update:

We’ll keep you updated as the vote total continues to roll in.

Decision Desk Makes Its Call

9:25 Update:

Elections returns, analysis and projections website Decision Desk is calling the Virginia governor’s race for Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Terry McAuliffe underperformed his 2013 showing in southwestern Virginia—by as much as 20 points in places.

9:34 Update:

Decision Desk also announced winners in Virginia’s other statewide races. The Democrats in the Virginia State Senate should count their blessings that the Old Dominion’s state senate elections aren’t for another two years.

9:38 Update:

According to Kapur’s analysis, McAuliffe is running (a bit) ahead of Biden with minority voters, and he’s running a little behind Biden with white men. However, white women swung decisively against him.

9:44 Update:

10:12 Update: