It’s a basic principle.  Education dollars should follow the students, not the bureaucrats and administrators.  At least, it’s a basic principle some in public education seem to have casually omitted as they struggle to perform basic tasks.

Of course, modern problems require modern solutions.

Enter Delegate Michael Webert (R-Marshall) with a solution for hard working parents who are educating their children at home while public school continue to flounder on responsible solutions for in-person education.

What is that solution?  Vouchers.

From WFRX’s Digital Desk:

Webert introduced a bill that would require local school boards to give parents who withdraw their child, a voucher to cover in-person instruction in an alternative setting.

That voucher would be equal to the amount of money each school gets from state taxes, for each student.

State lawmakers will take up that bill during the 2021 Legislative Session.

The legislation is pretty straightforward.  For the duration of the emergency (whatever emergency that might be), if the public education system cannot provide the education that Virginia taxpayers are subsidizing them for?  Those dollars should follow the student; simple as that.

Democrats are (naturally) expected to oppose the common sense legislation.