Something Original via Wikimedia Commons

A special grand jury report released yesterday concluded that the police officer who killed Donovon Lynch last March acted in self-defense.

The shootout on the Virginia Beach promenade received national attention because Lynch was a young black man and a cousin of rap superstar Pharrell Williams.

Soon, left-of-center media outlets began comparing the incident to the tragic death of George Floyd. Eventually, however, inconvenient truths started to emerge.

Firstly, Lynch was armed. Secondly, the officer involved, Solomon Simmons, is also black. And finally, the grand jury didn’t buy the narrative and innuendo pushed by the far-left.

Per Bacon’s Rebellion:

The special grand jury that was impaneled in August, however, found that the shooting was justified. They noted that Lynch’s handgun was next to his body — and not in his pocket as had been alleged — behind a hedge where he died. They found that other elements of the stories that swirled around the shooting that night also appear to be fabricated.

The jurors found that Simmons acted appropriately when he heard Lynch rack his gun and should not be charged with a crime.

You can read the three-page special grand jury report here. This is an excerpt:

“Our decision was based on careful consideration of the evidence, testimony, and the law, including, but not limited to, footage from over 100 hours of body cameras, surveillance videos, photographs, witnesses and forensic evidence. We find there is no probable cause to believe that Officer Simmons unlawfully shot and killed Mr. Lynch as he acted in justifiable self-defense of himself and others.”