Governor Glenn Youngkin has announced new appointments to the Virginia Parole Board Tuesday after state Democrats rejected four of his initial appointees.

Last month, the Democratic-controlled state Senate blocked the appointments of Tracy Banks, Cheryl Nici-O’Connell, Charles Partin and Carmen Williams to the Parole Board. The legislature did approve Chadwick Dotson as the new chairman of the board. Youngkin Took aim at state Democrats for impleading progress, and called Democrats’ arguments “a charade” and an effort to derail his pledge to bring changes to a Parole Board fraught with controversy.

“I think it’s shocking and it’s shameful. Here we have the Democrats doing everything they can to continue to cover up what has been an absolute violation of law by the Democratic-controlled Parole Board. After the Democrats attempted to cover up a scandal of their own creation and keep individuals from receiving parole, it’s time to reform the Parole Board again and put the scandals behind us,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Now, we have confirmation of the new board members to fill the empty spot when Youngkin announced the appointment of Samuel Boone Jr., Steven Buck, Michelle Dermyer and Toby Vick to the Parole Board. All four members have years of experience under their belt.

  • Boone has worked for the Virginia State Police for 25 years and currently serves as a recruiter and Master Trooper.
  • Buck has worked in various roles prosecuting cases in state and federal courts, including within Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Offices and the Virginia Office of the Attorney General. He has worked in those roles for more than 30 years.
  • Dermyer worked in health care organizations prior to the death of her husband, Virginia State Police Trooper Chad Phillip Dermyer who was killed in the line of duty on March 31, 2016. Since her husband’s death, Dermyer has worked as an advocate for law enforcement.
  • Vick has practiced law in Virginia and across the U.S. for more than 40 years. He has tried more than 60 criminal jury trials in Virginia, Florida, Texas and Louisiana. Vick also brings the perspective of both a prosecutor and a defense attorney to the Parole Board.

“This group of individuals will restore common sense, reform the Parole Board, and stand up for victims’ rights. In prioritizing public safety, we are ensuring that all Virginians feel safe and secure in their communities. We need to put an end to the chaos and reform the Parole Board,” Youngkin said in a statement.

With those roadblocks cleared these position filled, hopefully they are able to reform this board fraught with controversy, and help Governor Youngkin fulfill one of his main campaign promises of putting together a board that is tough on crime.