Thursday officially marked the first 100 days that Glenn Youngkin first took over as Governor of Virginia, and he took time to reflect on his time so far in a press conference.

Youngkin joined community members from the Richmond area on talk about his 100-day journey, saying that so far, he has been encouraged by the progress he has been able to make. Youngkin focused on his top priorities, which were education, public safety, and mental health, but had several comments about more recent events, such as the ongoing budget negotiations, and the recent gas relief plan he has been attempting to get through to the people of Virginia.

“It has been an honor to serve the people of Virginia over the first 100 days, and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together in a short period of time,” the governor said in a statement Thursday. “I will continue to work on behalf of all Virginians to lower the cost of living, keep our communities safe, make government work for the people again and restore academic excellence in our schools.”

When asked about the lingering negotiations with the state budget, which has a due date of June 30, Youngkin seemed to believe they were close to an agreement, but also felt that Democrats were slowing the process down by needlessly dragging their feet:

“They’re very close. I mean, they are very, very close. And I think the delay, candidly, is driven by Senate Democrats and I think they’re dragging their feet. They don’t need to drag their feet. I think they’re very close on the frameworks and it’s just a matter of doing the work and getting them done.”

Some of the more impressive numbers that Youngkin can attach his name to in his first 100 days in office or the more than 700 bills and 17 executive actions he has issued so far. If Youngkin is able to keep this pace, Virginia seems to be on track for some kind of record.