Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Alex Lemieux is a Richmond-based editor with The Republican Standard.

1,500 Strong Migrant Caravan Reaches Mexico, March To U.S. Continues

As the march of a 1,500-strong caravan of migrants continues towards to U.S.-Mexico border, Trump doubles down on rhetoric, discusses military options.

Tim Kaine Touts Trump’s Economic Argument For Campaign Kickoff

Senator Tim Kaine kicked off his 2018 campaign claiming he needs to win the "economic argument" and takes a page out of Trump's playbook.

Virginia Senator Mark Warner Now Supports Assault Weapons Ban

After being a moderate voter on gun control measures for most of his career, Virginia Senator Mark Warner now supports a ban on assault weapons.

Amazon’s HQ2 Sparks Outrage From NOVA Democratic Socialists

As retail giant Amazon combs the continent for a location to build HQ2, outraged Democratic Socialists from Northern Virginia file FIOA requests.

Sex, Drugs, and VDOT: A Mafia-Style Snowplowing Operation

Pay-to-play tactics are not just for organized crime syndicates after FBI agents found VDOT officials engaging in schemes involving sex, drugs, and bribes.

Comstock Promotes Peace Through Strength For America’s Military

As the U.S. military has suffered through sequestration, a rebuild is needed to promote "peace through strength," according to Barbara Comstock.

Virginia Democrats Stress Localities To Regulate Northern Virginia Hunters

Following the March for Lives, Virginia Democrats are stressing NOVA localities to regulate the transportation of firearms, mainly affecting hunters.

Fierce Confirmation For Next Supreme Court Justice If Kennedy Retires

If Justice Anthony Kennedy retires from the Supreme Court bench, a fierce Senate confirmation battle could arise similar to Bork's hearing in 1987.

Senate Republicans Look To Infrastructure Ahead Of Midterm Elections

As the legislative agenda slows down amid the Easter recess, the Republican leadership is looking to infrastructure to bolster favor in midterm elections.

Democrats Pitch Ammunition Control As Answer To Gun Violence

The next legislative measure from gun control-happy lawmakers will target ammunition, but lacks clear constitutionality expressed in Heller v. D.C.