Monday, May 23, 2022
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Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

Doug Wilder Chooses Schools Over Statues

Former Richmond City Mayor and former Governor Doug Wilder puts the marker down on schools over statues; substance over form.

Fredericksburg’s Stumbling Block And The Legacy of Enslavement

Fredericksburg natives understand the Slave Auction Block for what it is -- a Stolperstein or stumbling block ahead of its time. 

Democratic Observers Discuss Northam’s “Impending Disaster” In Virginia

As poll after poll after poll confirms the opposite, the so-called counter-narrative starts becoming something more ominous -- reality. 

Something Is Seriously Wrong With The Northam Campaign

Messaging off, fundraising down... and Northam is nowhere to be seen. Are we seeing a replay of Creigh Deeds's 2009 effort from the Virginia Democrats?

VHREF Livecast On Virginia’s Opioid Epidemic Tonight at 8pm

Nationwide, more than 50,000 die of this epidemic every year -- that's a 9/11 scale loss of human life every three weeks.

Roanoke College Comes Down To Earth; Another DEVASTATING Poll For Northam

Some other alarming signs for Democrats in this poll?  Trump only comes in at 36%, an eight point jump from the last time Roanoke conducted its poll.

Williams: Blame The Welfare State, Not Jim Crow

"The undeniable truth is that neither slavery nor Jim Crow nor the harshest racism has decimated the black family the way the welfare state has."

WaPo: Northam’s Two-Faced Position on Campaign Finance Reform

"For all his campaigning against big money in politics, Northam now seems all too happy to accept big money when it suits him."

CNU Wason Center To Issue Gubernatorial Poll on Monday; Start Track Polling in October

What is more interesting to the rest of us?  Daily track polling much as what Rasmussen does for presidential approval ratings.  

Democrat Cheryl Turpin Is Running For An Office That Doesn’t Exist

Turpin's first mailing arrived in Virginia Beach, and her spiffy new logo clearly states she is running for “85 District Virginia House of Representatives”.