Monday, June 27, 2022
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Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney is the Senior Editor for The Republican Standard.

VCU Poll: Job Seekers Look To Gillespie

Doing a deeper dive into the VCU poll shows that on jobs and the economy, the advantage goes to Gillespie.

Northam Begins To Burn Cash As Gillespie Gets Boost From AFP

That AFP is dropping cash into a battlefield seat to tip those scales is yet another sign that Republicans see something Democrats don't.

Quinnipiac Has To Move The Goalposts D+12 To Breathe Life Into Northam

Forget thumbs -- a whole hand has to be placed on the scale in order for Northam to measure up against Gillespie.

Democratic Operative Given 100 Days In Voter Fraud Case

Federal prison is the endgame for a Democratic operative found guilty of 18 separate instances of voter registration fraud.

WaPo: Virginia Universities Rush Collection Fees For Tuition

...and there's $2.3 billion reasons in the University of Virginia "slush fund" a more compassionate approach is the right thing to do.

Everything But BS: Health Insurance and Government Over Regulation

If you want to cut right through the fog?  This looks like a promising start.

Laquan Austion Clearly Scares The Hell Out Of Democrats

Democratic operatives filing and fueling a media-driven hit piece only reveals the embedded racism still haunting Democrats in the post-Byrd Machine era

Hey Democrats, Can We Please Not Turn The Opioid Addiction Crisis Into A Fundraising...

In the effort to tackle this crisis, let's not bend it for partisan political gain -- and certainly not for classless online fundraising gimmicks.

Designed To Fail: Obamacare Insurers Plan To Hike Premiums 30%

Idaho, West Virginia, South Carolina, Iowa and Wyoming are in the 30% range. Meanwhile, New Mexico, Tennessee, North Dakota and Hawaii plan on hiking premiums about 20%.