Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Northam Gets $2 Million In Dark Money From Outside Virginia

August has not been kind to Northam. Dark money from outside Virginia doesn't bode well for Norhtam's backbone in the weeks to come.

McAuliffe Confuses Beating a Dead Horse With Giving CPR

McAuilffe returns to heavy-handed approach on Medicaid expansion... before doing exactly what Speaker Howell and the General Assembly tells him to do.

Adams Receives Endorsement From Virginia Police Benevolent Association

Most significant? The Virginia PBA endorsed Herring over Cuccinelli in 2013 -- a sea change in a Virginia environment supposedly leaning the Democrats way.

Gillespie Holds The Line On Confederate Monuments, Says They Should Stay

Republican nominee Ed Gillespie keeps his word and holds the line on Confederate war memorials in Virginia.

Gillespie Condemns White Supremacy, Racism In Strong and Clear Terms

Gillespie: “We have stared down racism, and Nazism, and white supremacy before, and we will stare it down again.”

Virginian Pilot: Is $20/mo Broadband Coming To Hampton Roads?

Microsoft is experimenting with a wireless 5G solution for the Hampton Roads area, with a goal of connecting 2 million rural users over the next 5 years.

More Problems Than Assurances For Paper-Thin Northam Campaign

While the left-wing media takes delight in a two-week old poll, the underlying numbers demonstrate more cause for concern than assurances for Northam.

NRA Endorses All Three Statewide Republicans in Virginia 2017

Not a small endorsement today from the nation's largest Second Amendment defender.

Winchester Star: Is The Pipeline Going To Sink Northam’s Campaign?

Progressive Democrats are tired of being disrespected by a Northam campaign that can't seem to find its footing.

Watch As Stephen Miller Sinks Jim Acosta’s Battleship On Immigration

If politics had a TKO?  Miller put on a clinic against CNN's Jim Acosta, whose moral preening was on full display during this exchange.