Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Freshman Democrat Delegate Amateur Hour or Something More Nefarious?

Democrat Wendy Gooditis files a bill on behalf of Democrat Marcus Simon, in order to give Democrat Jenny Wexton cover in a swampy "pay and feed" scheme.

Delegate Glenn Davis Introduces Blockchain To State Record Keeping

Delegate Glenn Davis is look to blockchain technology to revitalize record keeping in Virginia government and may revolutionize the commonwealth itself. 

Connolly Throws Billions At Metro System, Comstock Provides Reform

Gerry Connolly to shove billions into the decrepit DC-area Metro rail system without reforms to management, challenging Barbara Comstock's bill.

RNC Continues To Hammer Tim Kaine on Taxes, Economic Growth

Democratic U.S. Senator Tim Kaine's decision to go full bore progressive might work well in Washington, but it sounds awfully obtuse back home in Virginia. 

Amazon, Berkshire, JP Morgan Unite To Tackle U.S. Healthcare

Amazon's Bezos, Berkshire Hathaway's Buffett, and JP Morgan's Dimon announced they will align to combat the "hungry tapeworm" of the U.S. healthcare system

Hillary Clinton Cameo At Grammys Shows Bitterness Towards Trump

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shows her bitterness towards Trump during Grammy Awards, commenting on president's eating habits.

“Netflix Tax” From Democrats Voted Down By Virginia Republicans

Democrats in Virginia House proposed the "Netflix tax." Republicans voted down the measure that would have disproportionately affected millennials.

Mason Dixon Poll Shows 55% of Virginians Support Offshore Drilling

Virginia's energy future has the full-throated support of taxpayers according to the latest Mason Dixon poll, with 59% in favor of offshore drilling.

Virginia Democrats Defy Bipartisanship And Vote Against Their Own Party

After screaming about wanting more representation in the House of Delegates, Democrats shove bipartisanship back in the face of Republicans.

Virginia’s Medicaid Debate Begins To Take Form

With numbers showing that health care expansion is popular, whether it is a net benefit or breaks the bank depends on the how-to.