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Trump Posts Another 3.0% GDP Bump In U.S. Economic Growth

With the boot off the throat of small businesses and capital investment plus a skyrocketing NYSE, one sees a cautious if optimistic bet on the future.

Northam’s Use Of Community’s Pain For Political Advantage “Stomach Turning”

This might very well be the ad that will undo the Northam campaign.

John Bell Doesn’t Think Subba Kolla Is Dark Enough In HOD-87

Democratic Delegate John Bell decided that Republican challenger Subba Kolla's skin wasn't dark enough... so he fixed it on his website.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph Endorses Ed Gillespie

Strong endorsement from the coalfields as the Bluefield Daily Telegraph endorses Republican Ed Gillespie over embattled Democratic rival Ralph Northam: Gillespie also is promising to...


For suburban Virginians and conservatives, the news couldn't be any better. 

Virginian-Pilot Expected To Cut 10% Of Its Workforce

In many respects, the Virginian-Pilot is ahead of the curve, even if the painful decisions today are precisely that.

Gun Grabbers Give Northam $400K; Herring $300K… Fairfax Gets Nothing

Fairfax is cut loose as gun-grabbers come to play in Virginia -- making good on Bloomberg's promise to interfere in Virginia elections.

Virginian-Pilot: IED Caused Explosion In Colonial Williamsburg

FBI confirms that an explosion within Colonial Williamsburg came from an improvised explosive device late Thursday evening in a heavily trafficked area.

AFP-VA Drops Seven-Figure Ad Campaign In Virginia

AFP's willingness to commit seven-figures to Gillespie's race means that their internals are showing the race isn't just winnable -- but achievable. 

House Dems Slam Dominion While Northam Invests In Dominion

It’s okay for the House Democratic challengers to be hypocrites.  But it’s time to choose.  Hard socialist left or center left vanishing Democrat?