No, Homeschooling is NOT a “Sickening Danger”

If you haven’t heard of the horrors at the Turpin household in Perris, CA, be warned that reading accounts can be quite unsettling. The abuse of 13 children (and adult children) aged between 2 and 29 has consequently started a national conversation on the need for increased regulation on private home schools – because the […]

The Depravity of Man

If 2017 supported any theory of human nature it undoubtedly once again furthered the proposition that mankind is basically evil. With all the allegations of collusion, political conspiracy, mass murder, sexual predation, racial prejudice and bigotry, libel and slander, dishonest journalism, treason, and dark-state mutiny, the doctrines of human depravity held throughout orthodox Christian history […]

Climate Alarmists Are Abandoning Science

As I enjoy consecutive days of subzero temperatures and windchills in the Northeastern United States, I am reminded of the continuing debate over the cause of global climate change – specifically, whether or not humans contribute significantly enough to the changes so as to disrupt an otherwise homeostatic global mise-en-scène. I don’t intend to commit […]