Will Stare Decisis prevent a post-Roe world?

As the national conversation turns to a potentially realigned Supreme Court, I’m reminded of the story of an executive cabinet member who became so furious with a certain demographic for not acculturating he actually convinced the President to issue an executive order to make that culture illegal. When it was revealed that the First Lady […]

DAVIS: Permanent Tax Cuts Will Keep the Economy Hot!

Looking for a wedge issue this election season, congressional Republicans have proposed making the tax cuts passed late last year permanent. They’re dubbing this campaign “tax cuts 2.0.” But this shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Allowing ordinary Americans and small businesses to keep more of their earnings should be a cause that all Americans rally […]

Podcast: The Conservative Commentator Complex

Do you ever get that feeling that when you log on social media, the only conservatives or libertarian commentators you see are screaming, trolling, heckling, or literally freaking out? I mean I see a whole lot of pontificating but not a whole lot of doing anything. Enter the “conservative commentator complex” as we discuss the […]