Washington Post’s Columnist’s Virginia Predictions Didn’t Age Well

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin’s predictions on Virginia’s 2021 elections have aged rather poorly. Starting with her contention that neoconservative commentator Bill Kristol’s endorsement of Terry McAuliffe was a game changer. I mean, who could’ve ever guessed that it wasn’t. Fox News reports: Rubin, who has become known for her heel turn boosting Democrats after […]

Must-See: Every Statewide Candidate and Key Initiative on Tuesday’s Ballot

Tuesday marks a seminal Election Day in the Commonwealth of Virginia. After two years of holding the majority in the General Assembly and 12 years of dominating at the statewide level, Democrats may, may have met their match with Republicans Glenn Youngkin, Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares. Now, victory will come down to the number, effectiveness […]

The 7 Most Egregious Decisions by Soros’ Trojan Horse Prosecutors

Since 2016, billionaire George Soros has funded a quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system with undeniably effective results. For decades, Soros made it his mission to defeat and undermine conservative causes. Now, he’s spending big to tip the scales in district attorney races across the country. By injecting millions of dollars into local elections, Soros has […]

CNU: McAuliffe +1; Democrats Panic in Final Stretch?

Once upon a time, Republicans were rocked to sleep with notions of momentum and enthusiasm in the closing weeks and days of a campaign. In 2006, George Allen was thought to have sufficiently recovered from a 20+ point slide in order to eke out a 2-3 point win — only to lose by 0.4% (just […]

McAuliffe Makes Racially Charged Allegation in School Debate

Desperate to land a knockout blow in a highly-competitive race with national implications, Virginia’s Democratic nominee for governor Terry McAuliffe is swinging wildly. Now, he claims that his Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin wants to purge Virginia schools of black authors. Folks, let’s take a step back. Glenn is spending his final days of the campaign […]

VIDEO: New Youngkin Ad Exposes McAuliffe’s Dangerous Tax & Spend Agenda

Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin’s campaign today the launch of a six-figure statewide TV ad campaign that contrasts Youngkin’s plan to lower the cost of living with Terry McAuliffe’s plan that will increase the cost of living with the largest tax hike in Virginia history. “Terry McAuliffe will make life difficult for Virginians by […]

Documentary Movie Exposes McAuliffe’s Failed Jobs Record: ‘the Emperor Has No Clothes’

Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin released the following statement regarding the explosive investigation conducted by the Richmond Times-Dispatch which revealed that the majority of the jobs deals Terry McAuliffe executed as governor failed to live up to McAuliffe’s promises. Out of 79 economic development deals McAuliffe touted, “32 didn’t produce a single new job […]