Democrat Schuyler VanValkenburg Goes There

This doesn’t fit the narrative at all. Democrat Delegate Schuyler VanValkeburg is in hot water for a recent mail piece sent by his campaign attacking Republican GayDonna Vandergriff. The problem? The mailer shows Vandergriff “hooked” to a number of male Republican members of the House, not unlike a marionette — the clear implications being that […]

FALSE: PolitiFact Blows Up Major Democrat Campaign Talking Point

It’s not often that a major Democrat line off attack gets exploded by the media, particularly a month out from an election. But that’s exactly what happened to Virginia Democrats’ claim that Republicans voted to deny coverage to patients with pre-existing conditions. Rodman claimed that Dunnavant “wrote the bill that would let insurance companies deny […]

Democrat Darling Called out for Deceitful Ad

It’s not easy to get a Pants on Fire rating from PolitiFact — especially if you’re a Democrat. But Sheila Bynum-Coleman, the darling of the left running against Republican House Speaker Kirk Cox did just that with her first TV ad of the cycle. Bynum-Coleman and her team were apparently trying to take advantage of […]

RGGI: The Stealth Carbon Tax You’ve Never Heard Of

RGGI; it’s something that Democrats are going to love to talk about come time for the General Assembly session, but something that only a few will talk about now. Perhaps that is because the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative with its innocent and almost benevolent sounding name is at the end of the day a carbon […]

Lyin’ Larry Barnett Locates Local Police Look-Alikes

Whoever said “fake it ’til you make it” probably wasn’t talking about using fake law enforcement officers in a political campaign. Apparently no one told Democrat Larry Barnett. Barnett is making his second run at Republican Del. Roxann Robinson, the incumbent in the 27th House District, contained entirely in Chesterfield County. Behind in the polls […]

PolitiFact: Most Criminals Don’t Go Through Background Checks for Guns

Criminals don’t follow the law. This painfully obvious truth is at the heart of a major problem with the latest round of gun control legislation put forward by Democrats — and some Republicans — in the wake of mass shootings in Texas and Ohio. A number of legislators are pushing for so-called “universal” background checks […]

Ralph Northam Says “I Expected Better” of Legislators; Still Refuses to Resign

Virginia Republicans have finally crossed the line: they’ve disappointed Democrat Governor Ralph Northam with their behavior. Writing in the Washington Post, Northam expressed his disdain for legislative Republicans who, instead of passing a raft of gun control and confiscation bills, send all pending legislation to the Virginia Crime Commission for study before a November vote. […]