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Not In Our America, Ralph

To lump every conservative and every Republican as a Citronella Nazi looking to round up brown people?  It's not just offensive, it's obscene.

Washington Post Decries “Gutter Tactics” and Then Uses Them

I've never seen a newspaper criticize a candidate for tactics in one paragraph and then go directly into using the exact same tactics they decry.

The Washington Post No Longer Shocks; They Merely Disappoint

Lack of civility -- or lack of objectivity -- starts and stops with institutions who claim to be beacons of both yet trade upon them for influence and power. 

Winchester Star; Richmond Times-Dispatch Both Endorse Gillespie

Two more endorsements from Winchester and Richmond bring the grand total of Gillespie endorsements up to four.

PAYBACK: Fairfax Deletes Northam, Herring From BLACK PAC Mailers

The BLACK PAC mailer went out to about 60,000 Virginia households -- but does anyone notice who is... missing?  

Trump Posts Another 3.0% GDP Bump In U.S. Economic Growth

With the boot off the throat of small businesses and capital investment plus a skyrocketing NYSE, one sees a cautious if optimistic bet on the future.

Northam’s Use Of Community’s Pain For Political Advantage “Stomach Turning”

This might very well be the ad that will undo the Northam campaign.

Remso Republic Podcast: Delegate Tim Hugo Discusses Policy vs Rhetoric

This current election in Virginia may seem boring compared to 2016, but that isn’t stopping the progressive Democrats from trying to drag us all...

Gillespie +2, Adams Tied In Latest Poll

Readers here of TRS know we have been calling the Adams/Herring race as close, as both sides confirm this race in particular is where the action is.

Democrats cry foul over Gillespie’s MS-13 commercial. Here is the truth!

We all know the best defense is a good offense.  So to defend their attack piece calling Gillespie "hateful," Democrats cried foul over Gillespie's...