Sunday, May 28, 2023

The Progressive’s Medicare For All Plan Will Cost Almost $33 Trillion

As progressives around the country endorse Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All plan, they believe that a price tag of almost $33 trillion is a good thing.

INTERVIEW: Delegate Jason Miyares Discusses Opportunity With Republicanism

Delegate Jason Miyares (R-Virginia Beach) has had a busy ride into the world of politics. From becoming a young prosecutor in the Tidewater region,...

Tariffs On Apples Mean Northern Shenandoah Valley Growers Will See Prices Drop

As U.S. trading partners hit back with retaliatory tariffs, farmers the northern Shenandoah Valley's local apple industry may have bottom line slashed as domestic apple market hits a surplus.
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Delegate Greg Habeeb Announces Retirement, Speaker Cox Setting Special Election

Salem Republican Delegate Greg Habeeb announces his retirement from the General Assembly, special election in the works to keep GOP majority in House.

In The Heat Of The Summer, Big Cities Continue Trend Of Kicking Out ICE

The trend of big city mayors kicking out ICE continues as Democrat opposition sets its sights on the abolition of the federal immigration agency.

Does VA-10 Want Wexton, The State’s Most Progressive Legislator?

State Senator Jennifer Wexton has shown the people of the Commonwealth that she is the most progressive legislator in the General Assembly. However, for her run for Congress, do the people of VA-10 really want that?

Democrat Wexton Is Not Up For Sale… But Long Term Lease Is A-OK

Perhaps donations don’t buy action, but one could be forgiven for assuming that donations to Wexton can buy silence.

Republicans Defending 42 House Seats Around The Country, Most Since 1930

Democrats are claiming that the 42 open Republican seats in the House are primed for the taking, but their easy math just isn't there.

Wall Street Anticipating Huge Second Quarter GDP Report, Ending Big Trading Week

Ending a big trading week on Wall Street, investors are anticipating great news from the Q2 GDP report, the economic scorecard for the U.S.

Governor Northam Denounces Lee County’s Plan To Arm Teachers For School Safety

Northam denounces Lee County's plan to arm teachers although the plan is widely backed by area residents.