Saturday, February 4, 2023

RNC Sees Red Wave In November Following Historic Voter Contact And Fundraising

The RNC is rolling into summer with a massive war chest and a plan to contact hundreds of millions of voters to seal the Republican majority in Congress following the November midterms.

Speaker Kirk Cox Files Motion To Supreme Court Over Legislative Districts

Speaker of the House of Delegate files a motion to the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the lower court's ruling that 11 Virginia legislative districts are drawn in a discriminatory manner towards African-Americans.
general assembly

Failed Tax Credits On Virginia’s Legislative Chopping Block

Virginia's top legislative watchdog has found that two state tax credits are losing the Commonwealth money.

Ahead Of Helsinki Trump-Putin Meeting, Russia Upgrades Military Facilities

Just one week before President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladmir Putin are set to meet in Helsinki, Finland, Moscow is upgrading fortifications on the country's western border.

Democrats Add Anti-Israel Rhetoric To Resistance Campaign Message

Spurred on by resistance to anything conservative or Republican, Democrats are now adding anti-Israel rhetoric to their campaign message.

Comstock Reports Booming Economy In VA-10 From Republican Tax Cuts

As Democrats campaign to roll back the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock shows the immense amount of people and businesses it has helped.

North Korea Slams Talks With Pompeo As Regrettable

North Korean officials say talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were "regrettable" as unilateral denuclearization is not on the regime's agenda.
tom perez

DNC’s Tom Perez Condemns Booming Jobs Report As “Reckless”

DNC Chairman tom Perez slams the June jobs report as due to "reckless" policies from the Trump Administration.

Militarization Of South China Sea Seeks To Challenge American Predominance

As China's military expansion into the South China Sea continues, thoughts of a potential shift in global geopolitical balance come to mind as its challenge to American predominance mirrors the Cold War ending with a Soviet whimper.

U.S. Labor Shortage To Cause Rising Wages, But May Cause Rising Prices

With the economy growing towards full employment, it may be that employers are the one that hurt the most with paying higher wages to attract qualified employees.