Saturday, December 9, 2023

The Kavanaugh Mystery Letter Senator Feinstein Has That Ronan Farrow Is Trying To Break

The Supreme Court is not political, but what it is political are the attempts of character assassination on Judge Brett Kavanaugh broadcast from sea to shining sea.

Virginia’s August Tax Revenue Up, Money May Be Used For A “Welfare Bonus”

Will Governor Northam act to reform Virginia's conforming tax code, or will he institute a sweeping welfare bonus paid for by middle-class Virginians?

FTC Head Looking At Busting Big Tech, Among Other Antitrust Suits

Joseph Simons, who was nominated by President Trump last year to head the Federal Trade Commission, has signaled that antitrust action may be coming to industry giants, as well as addressing income inequality and lagging wages.

With Animus Towards President Trump, Tim Kaine Will Not Vote To Confirm Judge Kavanaugh...

Following Senator Mark Warner's refusal to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, Virginia's other senator, Tim Kaine, will also not support him, revealing an animus towards President Donald Trump - angering many Virginians.

Partisan Politics Is The Name Of The Game In Virginia’s Redistricting Fight

False claims of stalling in the courts, false claims of stalling politically, false claims of protecting racial gerrymandering, and the refusal of Democrats to unveil the mysterious map maker are all leading to the frustration of Republicans in the House of Delegates in dealing with redistricting.

Poll Finds Majority Of Virginians Oppose Northam’s Middle Class Tax Hike

60 percent of residents in the Commonwealth prefer the tax plan from House Republicans, returning tax collections to middle-class taxpayers by allowing them to keep existing state tax itemizations they would lose under Governor Northam’s plan. Just 29 percent supported Northam’s plan of direct payments to low-income families who qualify for the EITC.

As The U.S. Median Household Income Rises To $61,372, Many Are Wishing For Higher...

The Census Bureau released a study this week that the rise in median household income is due to people working additional hours, not increased wages. With a shrinking job pool, the hope for many economic analysts is that hiring companies will act to increases wages, enticing potential employees.

NRCC Releases Hard Hitting Ad Against Jennifer Wexton

Jennifer Wexton will institute an agenda of raising taxes on the middle class when she gets to Washington.

President Trump Signs Executive Order To Sanction Entities That Engage In U.S. Election Meddling

Following attempts by Russia to engage in election interference, President Donald Trump will direct that sanctions be placed on actors that meddle in U.S. elections.

Mark Warner Will Vote Against Confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Despite Answers To Rectify Concerns

Even though Judge Brett Kavanaugh has provided the Senate Judiciary Committee with clear answers to their concerns surrounding his past rulings, even how he may rule in some cases, issues surrounding abortion rights and executive powers, it is not enough for Virginia Senator Mark Warner, who will vote "no" to confirm the D.C. Circuit Court judge to the U.S. Supreme Court.