Wednesday, February 1, 2023

To Regulate Or Not To Regulate; That Is The Cryptocurrency Question

As Washington lawmakers seek to regulate cryptocurrency, the paradox of the popularity of lawlessness comes into play.

Facebook Allowing Holocaust Denial Posts While Banning Conservative Content?

Facebook can flag the Declaration of Independence for hate speech, but supports the right to share posts proclaiming Holocaust denial. Really, Zuckerberg?
gerry connolly

Democrat Gerry Connolly Attacks Mosque For Inviting Republican Jeff Dove

When Republican nominee Jeff Dove was invited to a local mosque to meet members of the Muslim community, that did not sit well with Congressman Gerry Connolly who showed up to scold the officials for inviting anyone but him.

Jennifer Wexton, Disorganized Labor Promote Metro Strike To Bring Chaos To NOVA

Democratic congressional candidate Jennifer Wexton is set to join the picket lines with Metro's union workers if the strike goes forth - all for a cool $10,000 donation.

Miami Democrat Campaigning In Cuba, Because Socialism, Right?

The progressive left is running so far to the political left that is as led one candidate to land in Cuba.

Starbucks’ Strawless Scheme: Sustainability, Psuedo Science, And Sea Mammals

Drop your avocado toast, Starbucks is going strawless to save the Earth, which actually means more plastic pollution.

House Republicans Crush House Dems in Fundraising

Uh, David Toscano? Call your office.

US-Russian Relations Shouldn’t Be Further Imperiled By Media Sniping

Reuters and the AP asked a partisan question and got a partisan response, which gets the larger (and far more dangerous) narrative of the sorry state of US-Russian relations lost in the media shuffle.

Exploring Virginia’s Energy Reserves Will Help Combat Rising Gas Prices

On the day Donald Trump was elected president, the average per gallon price of regular gasoline was $2.34 a gallon.  Today, that number is $2.87 per gallon of gasoline.

House Democrats Orchestrating Coup Against Leader Toscano

Progressivism in the Virginia legislature is taking on a whole new meaning as some Democrats are orchestrating a coup against party leader Toscano.