Monday, May 23, 2022

Newsweek, Legacy Media Outlets Continue To Struggle

Newsweek used to be an enjoyable read, until it traded its authenticity for cheap hits.

Dow Jones Set For Another Rocky Day; Bond Markets Look Excellent

The media narrative is banking on short-term memories while every other economic indicator points towards a market correction, not a failing economy.

DCCC Shows Big Money Rules Democratic Party, Not Good Candidates

DCCC's influence in VA-10 has Democrat Deep Sran feeling slighted as they favorable candidates with deep pockets to compensate for poor fundraising.
Lindsey Davis Stover

Will Lindsey Davis Stover Return Money From Sexual Predator Senator Chris Dodd?

Will Lindsey Davis Stover return the money given to her by accused sexual predator former Senator Chris Dodd or donate it to a worthy cause like "#MeToo"?

Dominion Wants Better Energy Rates; Progressives (Still) Outraged

Dominion has a one-shot opportunity to upgrade Virginia's economy with a tough, reliable energy grid that is both secure and affordable.

FISA Memo Release Shows Corruption From Obama-Era Officials

The controversial FISA memo release reveals clear anti-Trump bias from government officials in FBI and DOJ and nefarious federal practices.

Democrats Vote Down Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Ten Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates vote against requiring sexual harassment prevention training for all Delegates, Senators, and their staff.

BOOM: Atlanta Fed Predicts 5.4% GDP Growth in 1Q GDP

After eight long years of mediocre growth that barely kept pace with inflation, news of 5.4% GDP growth is great news for consumers and small businesses.

McAuliffe’s $932mil Hospital Tax Isn’t The Path Forward

Making health care "more affordable" by tucking in a $932mil hospital tax Virginia might not even need? Seems a bit obtuse.
meals tax

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney Threatens Sales Tax Opponents With Boycott

Richmond's meals tax hike has restaurateurs outraged, but political intimidation via a boycott from a School Board member may create unforeseen chaos.