Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Republican Bills Raising Felony Threshold, Collecting Restitution Signed By Governor

GOP legislation raising Virginia's felony threshold and ensuring the collection of restitution has been signed by Governor Northam.

Terry Tolls Skyrocket To $46 On I-66

Remember that time Democrats saw their much ballyhooed Terry Tolls get implemented on I-66 in Northern Virginia, and said that they would never reach $15?

Northam Signs Republican Bill For Tax-Free Richmond Schools Modernization

As Mayor Levar Stoney continues his tax rampage on Richmond, Governor Northam signs the Republican-sponsored legislation for tax-free RPS modernization.

GOCHENOUR: Rediscovering The Virginia Way

This is the Commonwealth... this is the Virginia Way.  This is what must be offered up again to the benefit of our mutual posterity.

Taylor Believes A Deal Can Be Made On Border Security, DACA

As the White House pushes for immigration reform and funding for border security, Congressman Scott Taylor believes a deal can be made on DACA.

Justice John Paul Stevens Dead Wrong About Second Amendment

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is wrong about the Second Amendment and is engaging in judicial activism to provide gun control.

House Democrats Announce Safe Virginia Initiative Gun Control Tour

After Speaker Cox forms the Select Committee on School Safety analyzing school violence, House Democrats launch Safe Virginia Initiative gun control tour.

1,500 Strong Migrant Caravan Reaches Mexico, March To U.S. Continues

As the march of a 1,500-strong caravan of migrants continues towards to U.S.-Mexico border, Trump doubles down on rhetoric, discusses military options.

Tim Kaine Touts Trump’s Economic Argument For Campaign Kickoff

Senator Tim Kaine kicked off his 2018 campaign claiming he needs to win the "economic argument" and takes a page out of Trump's playbook.

Virginia Senator Mark Warner Now Supports Assault Weapons Ban

After being a moderate voter on gun control measures for most of his career, Virginia Senator Mark Warner now supports a ban on assault weapons.