Friday, January 21, 2022

UVA Faculty, Students Cover Jefferson Monument With Black Tarp; Issue List of Demands

UVA is one of the best public institutions of learning in the world.  That reputation should not be sullied by those who seem bent on weaponizing academia.  

Retention Remains Real Hurdle For Virginia’s Community College Students

The General Assembly has the leverage it needs to help VCCS students see the value in their own education, even if the current system puts them at odds.

Braunlich: Ending DACA Will Harm Virginia, U.S. Economy

Ending the lawless executive order from the Obama era was going to be a tough call when 700,000 effective hostages were held in limbo.

Planned Parenthood Consumes Ralph Northam With $3mil Ground Game

The dogma lives loudly in Ralph Northam... and by "dogma" we mean aborting babies.

UVA College Republicans Put On The Best Scavenger Hunts

This is funny -- I don't care who you are.

Fitzgibbons: As Charlottesville Unfolds, The Left Closes Ranks

Fitzgibbons takes aim at the mulishly stubborn liberal narrative post-Charlottesville, destroying the false narrative regarding the real threat of Antifa.

Goodlatte, Comstock Leading The Fight Against MS-13 Gangs

The bill bars criminal alien gang members from receiving immigration benefits such as asylum, juvenile status, and temporary protected status.

WaPo: Gillespie Supports Move To Let Congress Determine DACA

Norham's juggling act is whether he supports a resumption of "regular order" rather than extralegal overreach and judicial activism.

So How Bad Is It?

Don't expect national Democrats to throw good money after bad.  After all, why should they?

Is There An Urban Conservative Governing Philosophy?

Finding a key to articulating conservative messages in ways that resonate to urban residents has had limited recent success.