Tuesday, November 29, 2022

DAVIS: Permanent Tax Cuts Will Keep the Economy Hot!

Looking for a wedge issue this election season, congressional Republicans have proposed making the tax cuts passed late last year permanent. They're dubbing this...

Cline Begins His Walk To Congress

Delegate Ben Cline has started his old-fashioned walking tour of the Sixth Congressional District, talking with voters about tax regulations and healthcare reforms.

Online Sales Tax Can Now Be Collected Following Supreme Court Ruling

Now that sales tax can be collected from purchases involving online retailers, following a Supreme court ruling, states will be able to recoup from decades of antiquated law.

Two Richmond Law Grads Launch CrowdLobby As A People Centered Government Power Broker

To buck the system of corporate and special interest lobbying, two graduates of the University of Richmond Law School have started their own, people-centered venture to prod government - CrowdLobby.
tangier island

By 2030, $838 Million Of Virginia Residential Property At Risk From Chronic Flooding, Scientists...

Scientists say in a new released study that by 2030, $838 million worth of Virginia residential properties may be at risk of being "chronically inundated" by high tides on the state's eastern shore.

Harvard Engineers Discover Means Of Converting CO2 Into Gasoline

Either Tom Steyer and his ilk start pulling out of the politics of climate change and start really cleaning the planet or they run the risk of being exposed a complete, total fraud.

Virginia Democrats Want To Violently Rip Babies Away From Their Mothers

They just have a different and far more profitable means of doing so...

Top House Judiciary Lawmaker Subpoenas FBI Agent Peter Strzok For Anti-Trump Bias

Following the conclusion of Inspector General Michael Horowitz's investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (VA-6) has filed to subpoena FBI agent Peter Strzok for his political bias against President Donald Trump.

In October 2020, Virginians Must Have Security-Enhanced Driver’s License To Fly Domestically

Although it has taken over a decade to come full circle, starting in October 2020, all Virginians must have a new security-enhanced driver's license to fly domestically.

Ted Cruz and Jimmy Kimmel Apologize For Embarrassing Basketball Game

In what was dubbed the Blobfish Basketball Classic, the match between conservative Texas Senator Ted Cruz and liberal late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel was filled with epic athletic fails and political gaffes.