Saturday, March 25, 2023

Trump Announces $12 Billion Bailout For Farmers In Key Electoral States

President Trump is banking on a $12 billion bailout for farmers in key electoral states to soothe the pain from retaliatory tariffs.

Trump And EU Officials Agree On Agriculture And Energy Trade Deals During White House...

President Trump's meeting with trade officials from the European Union goes well as an agreement was struck on agriculture and energy.

Montgomery Biscuits Offend Alabama Millennials

Montgomery Biscuits poke fun at millennials, snowflakes melt.

Obama’s Secretary Of Education Calling For Nationwide Selma-Style School Boycott

Obama's Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is now calling for a nationwide boycott of schools to get gun reform passed in Congress, likening the situation to the Selma bus boycotts.

As Progressives Rule The Democratic Party, The Blue Wave May Be A Wave Goodbye

Progressives are eating their own Democratic mentors as they seek to usher in Marx's "end of History."

Lee County Schools First In Virginia To Allow Teachers To Carry Firearms

Lee County becomes the first in Virginia to allow teachers to carry guns to protect students.

Space Force Calls On Boeing To Construct The Phantom Express

Boeing is working with the Pentagon to build America's first military spacecraft.

To Regulate Or Not To Regulate; That Is The Cryptocurrency Question

As Washington lawmakers seek to regulate cryptocurrency, the paradox of the popularity of lawlessness comes into play.

Facebook Allowing Holocaust Denial Posts While Banning Conservative Content?

Facebook can flag the Declaration of Independence for hate speech, but supports the right to share posts proclaiming Holocaust denial. Really, Zuckerberg?
gerry connolly

Democrat Gerry Connolly Attacks Mosque For Inviting Republican Jeff Dove

When Republican nominee Jeff Dove was invited to a local mosque to meet members of the Muslim community, that did not sit well with Congressman Gerry Connolly who showed up to scold the officials for inviting anyone but him.