Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Virginia Educational Institutions Not Producing Engaging Citizens, VCU Study Says

A new poll conducted finds the public schools in Virginia are not aptly preparing students for "real life."

Newly Released SOL Test Scores Show Decline In Virginia Schools

A decline in SOL scores around the state is compounded by their lack of weight on school accreditation.

DNC Cyberattack Thwarted One Week After Russians Targeted GOP Infrastructure

The cyberattacks on the American political system put pressure on the White House to double down on Russia before the midterm elections.

Dominion Energy Offering $1 Million In Grants To Aid Critical Community Needs

In its fourth consecutive year, Virginia's largest energy company is inviting non-profit organizations to apply for grants to help communities meet critical needs.

State Water Control Board Directs Further Scrutiny Over Mountain Valley Pipeline Construction

Although Mountain Valley Pipeline opponents showed up to a Virginia Water Control Board hearing to demand that construction be halted, the board members allowed the building to continue in Southwest Virginia, citing only that further environmental scrutiny be adhered to.

Virginia ABC Hits 20th Consecutive Year Of Record Breaking Sales With Almost $1 Billion

Sunday alcohol sales have helped Virginia's ABC nearly touch the $1 billion sales mark.

U.S. Stock Market To Hit Milestone Of Longest Bull Run Ever On Wednesday

The market is just one day short of its record 3,453-day bull run.

Electric Scooter Company Bird Ride Shunned By Richmond After Disruptive Start

Bird Ride, an app-based, electric scooter ride-sharing platform, had a disruptive beginning to their presence in Richmond; a presence that had government officials combing the city to confiscate the "unsanctioned" contraband.
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Facebook Now Rating User Trustworthiness, But Won’t Tell Users If They Are Trusted

Facebook's new paradoxical measure to rate user reputations is tantamount to: "If I told you, I'd have to kill you."

Support For School Choice Up Among Republicans

The Department of Education is now seeing support being gathered for more school choice directives.