Friday, January 21, 2022

McAuliffe Confuses Beating a Dead Horse With Giving CPR

McAuilffe returns to heavy-handed approach on Medicaid expansion... before doing exactly what Speaker Howell and the General Assembly tells him to do.

Americans Disavow Hatred But Defend Historical Monuments

The clear message from this poll is that the fringe hate groups are very fringe hate groups, and almost all Americans have completely rejected and disavowed their hatred.

Northam Pledges To “Do Everything I Can” To Tear Down Lee and Jackson Monuments

Northam's position on Confederate iconoclasm has seen his handlers go from full-throated enthusiasm to a very rapid backtracking over the last few days

Equivocation: A Primer

Being able to condemn extremism in whatever form it takes is not the practice of moral equivocation, but desperately needed moral consistency.  

DISGUSTING: Northam Raises Money Off Of Charlottesville

At least now Virginians know that Northam is willing to bargain with just about anything to become governor.

League of Conservation Voters Gives Northam $1.1 Million; Hours Later McAuliffe Opposes Offshore Drilling?

...and so the For Sale sign goes up on the Governor's Mansion.  Or at the very least, its policies. 

Adams Receives Endorsement From Virginia Police Benevolent Association

Most significant? The Virginia PBA endorsed Herring over Cuccinelli in 2013 -- a sea change in a Virginia environment supposedly leaning the Democrats way.

In Major Blow To Northam, Gillespie Earns Virginia Farm Bureau Endorsement

Embattled Democrat Ralph Northam continues to lose ground in the very constituencies that were supposed to make him a compelling candidate.

Gillespie Holds The Line On Confederate Monuments, Says They Should Stay

Republican nominee Ed Gillespie keeps his word and holds the line on Confederate war memorials in Virginia.

RTD: Virginia SOLs Demonstrates Richmond’s Need For a Marshall Plan on Education

Something has to give, and if there's a solution to be found?  Start where folks are hurting the most -- in the City of Richmond.