Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Expansion Of Child Care For Military Families Championed

Raising a family in the military can cause a great amount of stress for parents who have limited access to child care. Due to this, former Navy SEAL, Congressman Scott Taylor, has introduced an amendment to the FY 2019 Defense Appropriations Bill to help families in the service.

IG Reports Shows FBI Employee Snubs Trump Voters As Uneducated, Lazy POS

Inspector General Michael Horowitz's investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal as unearthed some rather shocking correspondence from inside the FBI.

House Democrats Owe Over $1 Million After Losing Every 2017 Election Challenge

After losing every single electoral legal challenge from 2017, the Virginia House Democratic Caucus has now launched a fundraising pitch to recoup over $1 million.

Due To Economic Growth, Millennials Now Moving Out Of Mom And Dad’s House

A new study shows that Millennials are increasingly moving out of their parents' house, all due to booming economic growth nationwide.

Governor Northam Withdraws National Guard From Mexican Border

It seems that Governor Ralph Northam, the folksy pediatrician from the Eastern Shore, has joined in on the widespread seditious sentiment that plagues the U.S. by calling back Notional Guard troops from the southern border.
j.e.b. stuart

Richmond School Board Renames J.E.B. Stuart Elementary After Barack Obama

Following the move to distance itself from its Confederate past, the Richmond School Board voted 6-1 to rename J.E.B. Stuart Elementary, not after a local civil rights hero, but President Barack Obama.

June National Day Of Action Bolsters Ground Game For Virginia Republicans

With both political parties energized for November turnout, the balance of power in Congress will depend upon hard work and grassroots mobility to turnout voters. For Garren Shipley, Virginia Communications Director for the RNC, "Nobody is going to out work us."

Virginia Restaurateurs Can Now Serve Snakehead Fish In Effort To Decrease Invasive Species

Virginia lawmakers are hoping that if there is sufficient market demand for succulent snakehead fish, which is now going for approximately $6 per pound, the aggressive invasive species will be kept in check.

Virginia Unemployment Rate Hits 11-Year Low At 3.2 Percent

Virginia's jobless rate is now at its lowest since October 2007, with the May numbers showing 3.2 percent unemployment, marking the best month following the national economic recession.

Did Green Antifa Just Hack Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality?

Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality was victim to a cyberattack in May, with the Virginia Information Technologies Agency unable to determine the origin.